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Sunny organic pop from The Magic Numbers

I had heard good things about the debut album from The Magic Numbers. The band is two pairs of siblings (Romeo and Michele Stodart and Sean and Angela Gannon) all from England who apparently play friendly, sunny pop. I don’t usually go in for music that is described that way, but I kept reading that it was good so I decided to check it out.

Poppy, but not sexy teen idols. It's all about the music.

The Magic Numbers debut album, “The Magic Numbers,” is indeed full of sunny, playful pop that is nearly cute. The thing is, the hooks are irresistible, the instrumental arrangements are interesting, and the vocals, while occasionally almost saccharin, are unlayered and give the album the feel of seeing a show in a small venue. It is undeniably good, though some of it is just too sweet for me. Still, I recommend you give at least these 4 a listen.

  • Long Legs – Energetic percussion and girlish harmony vocals back this tale of a guy who as near as I can tell has two girls and doesn’t want to lose either of them. This sounds like a demo version or something. It’s not the album version, but it is studio and it is the whole song so I’m linking you to it.
  • Love Me Like You – This has an old-fashioned pop feel to it, particularly with the backing vocals again. The guitar and bass both do good work on this track.
  • Don’t Give Up the Fight – Still straight-ahead pop, but it’s a little more complicated than the first two. It’s an emotional little song about a girl who wants to keep trying to make a relationship work.
  • Love’s a Game – This is my favorite song on this album. I think it’s because the catchy verses give way to dark and sad choruses. Even with the soulful guitar work it still sounds like a couples’ skate song.

Interestingly, their second album sounded a lot like this one but in June of 2010 they released “The Runaway,” which premiers the band’s “new sound.” They seem to have grown up a bit – at least from the few samples I heard. I’ve ordered the album and I’m certainly going to give it a spin. As usual, I’ll let you know.


January 4, 2011 - Posted by | Indie, Popular

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