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The Friday (late) mix: More wonderful world music

My Orchestra Baobab post the other day got me listening to my world music playlist. I thought it was time I shared more of my better discoveries with you.

It's all good.

  1. Alento – Luisa Maita
    I joined an iTunes Facebook group that gives away free music occasionally. This was one of their free tracks and it’s a winner. Good energy, good melody.
  2. Sona Moyo – Richard Bona
    Richard Bona came up one day as a recommendation if you like Mino Cinelu, which I do. Bona is a little more smooth jazz-ish, but he occasionally hits on a really nice groove like this one.
  3. Strip Tease – Serge Gainsbourg
    I knew of Charloette Gainsbourg, but I was unaware of her more famous father until a reader turned me on to him. This collaboration with Warhol Superstar Nico has a great, smoky Parisian nightclub feel.
  4. Ab-I Hayat – Mercan Dede
    There are a couple different traditions represented here. It’s mostly Middle Eastern, though I hear some western percussion and some didgeridoo.
  5. Ku’u Pua Lei Mokihana – The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band
    Hawaiian music isn’t for everyone, but this is a textbook example of the tradition. It’s what you think of when you hear the words “Hawaiian music” and it’s good.
  6. Aba Alem Lemenea – Abyssinia Infinite
    The soul of this track is African, but the keyboards are very American and the saxophone sounds straight off a vintage Van Morrison album.
  7. Toura Toura – Cheb I Sabbah
    This version is cool. There is also a great remix by Medina (?) that I found on “La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixed,” but not on YouTube. I believe this is a traditional song but Sabbah gives it a modern treatment.
  8. Sandesa – Swati Natekar
    This live performance shows that they captured the vibe pretty well in the studio version I love so much on “Tandava II.” It’s a beautiful song.
  9. Hava Nagila – The Barry Sisters
    Some geek decided to set this song to clips from Start Trek, but this is a fantastic authentic version of the classic Jewish song by The Barry Sisters. It is, in fact, the best version of this song I’ve heard, though I’d be tickled if someone could point me to a better one.
  10. Rafiki – Zap Mama
    I was actually looking for ‘Allo ‘Allo but it was disabled on YouTube. This one is also cool. Contrary to what you would think from the heavy African influence in her music, Zap Mama is Belgian and want to bridge European and African music. She does a fine job.
  11. Yashanti – Yael Naim
    There is a lot of gorgeous music on this album. ‘New Soul’ was used in a MacBook Air commercial. The music is sad but hopeful and completely beautiful. After some looking, I found a translation of the lyrics and it turns out it’s just sad.
  12. Sakura Sakura – Jean Pierre Rampal
    Rampal is a famous French flautist who shares my love of Japanese music. This track opens the disc and is my favorite. Listen to this sample and the rest on this album and you may decide to find it. The whole disc is simple and wonderful.
  13. Laulutytto – Varttina
    Check out this live performance of this song. It’s just a carnival. It looks like every person at the show is having a blast. It’s a great, high-energy closer.

Enjoy this mix with a Cosmopolitan. Why not? Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


December 12, 2010 - Posted by | Mix CD, World Music

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