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Odd but inside indie rock from White Rabbits

I can’t always immediately lay my hands on copies of discs I want to hear. Sometimes a friend recommends something at a party. Sometimes I’m not confident I’ll like something so I want to get it from the library if possible and that can take time. I keep a list in my phone of stuff that I have read about or that has been recommended. The name White Rabbits has been in my phone for months and months. I finally got around to finding an album by them and picking it up. The album is called “It’s Frightening”  and I want to thank whoever it was who recommended it to me. You know who you are. I hope. I don’t remember, but thank you all the same.

Don't be scared, my little friend.

White Rabbits is a six-piece out of Columbia, MO, though they operate out of Brooklyn, NY now. They are billed as an indie rock band, though they pull a lot of different influences. I hear some early Radiohead in their music, though producer Britt Daniel’s (of Spoon) fingerprints are all over the sound. What I really ask for in this genre is good playing and songs that don’t go right where I expect. White Rabbits deliver both of these. I ripped 6 of 10 tracks, which is a good ratio. Check them out.

  • Percussion Gun – Cool percussion and harmony vocals make this a good opener.
  • Rudie Fails – I love the vocal melody in this track. This song makes me think of The Beatles meets TV on the Radio.
  • They Done Wrong / We Done Wrong – The percussion is built to fit around the cool piano and vocal work.
  • Company I Keep – This acoustic groove sounds familiar, but I’m not sure if I’ve actually heard it somewhere or if it reminds me of something I’ve heard. Either way, I like it.
  • The Salesman (Tramp Life) – This is another surprising vocal melody and the harmony work is good too.
  • The Lady Vanishes – The odd chord progression keeps this from being a standard indie rock song, but ultimately it’s unusual enough to keep my interest,

This was their sophomore effort, which is often a weak one. I’ll have to go back and check out their debut, “Fort Nightly.”


November 22, 2010 - Posted by | Indie, Popular, Rock

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