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The Friday mix: More movie soundtrack favorites

As I have mentioned in the past, I am a big fan of movie soundtracks. A well-chosen, well-placed song can emblazon a movie moment into the collective consciousness of the world. Think of Quentin Tarrantino’s use of ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’ in Reservoir Dogs. Or John Cusack blaring Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’ at his prospective girlfriend in Say Anything. Or the hilarious repetitive use of ‘I Got You Babe’ in Groundhog Day. Songs can cement movie moments.

It's all about the music.

But beyond that, soundtracks often represent someone’s favorite music. Any time someone gets paid to go to the trouble of compiling a collection of music for my consumption, I will at least listen to it. I have found a lot of wonderful music I would simply never have discovered otherwise. I hope you find some of that today.

  1. Hey Jude – Joe Anderson (Across the Universe)
    Alright, the original is actually better. However, you haven’t heard this version 647 times. The first half is quieter and mellower than the original, but the second half gets more raucous and electric. It’s cool.
  2. Lovely Day – Maroon 5 (feat. Bill Withers) (Hoot)
    I always liked this song and I’m pleased that Maroon 5 did, too. They had the good sense to bring the song’s author, Bill Withers, into the studio with them.
  3. Million Voices – Wyclef Jean (Hotel Rwanda)
    Jean’s bid to become president of Haiti was frustrated by a technicality (though probably a fair one). I have no idea how able a leader and administrator he would be. Still, when you listen to a song like this, you know he has the passion and vision to do the job.
  4. Beacon Light – Ween (The X-Files)
    Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised the X-Files folks picked Ween for their soundtrack, but I am. This is a funky groove built around a great guitar hook.
  5. Holiday Road – Lindsay Buckingham (Vacation, European Vacation, Vegas Vacation)
    Man, I always loved this song.
  6. I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow – Soggy Bottom Boys (O Brother Where Art Thou?)
    This is actually Dick Burnett and it’s a wonderful Appalachian country song that was used to brilliant effect in this movie.
  7. Rock and Roll Circus – The Sights (Wedding Crashers)
    It would appear that this is a cover (the author is listed as Baranshakaje Antime) but I’ve never heard it before. This is a great rocker.
  8. This Time Tomorrow – The Kinks (Darjeeling Limited)
    Ray Davies is one of the great pop composers of all time. This is such a poignant idea set to a pleasing melody and it’s well executed to boot.
  9. Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols (Six Feet Under)
    The Six Feet Under soundtrack has lots of cool music on it, including this one. OK, so the guitar riff is a Rolilng Stones ripoff.  It’s still a great song and the lyrics are original.
  10. Dry the Rain – The Beta Band (High Fidelity)
    John Cusack has turned me on to lots of cool music, but I especially thank him for cluing me into The Beta Band, who I don’t think I would ever have heard elsewhere.
  11. The Same in Any Language – My Morning Jacket / Ruckus (Elizabethtown)
    As beautiful a track as you could hope for from My Morning Jacket. I love this song.
  12. The Brooklynites – Soul Coughing (Blue in the Face)
    I will take any excuse to recommend a Soul Coughing tune. This one is typically weird and cool. I wish these guys would get back together.
  13. Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That – Robert Randolph and the Family Band (Grey’s Anatomy 3)
    I love Robert Randolph. I have seen him at Bonnaroo a couple times and he is an unbelievable talent. This is an insanely catchy song and he plays the shit out of it.
  14. Everybody Pass Me By – Pepe Deluxe (Holes)
    What a sick blues riff. The vocal performance is kind of cool, but this song is all about the strange but perfect guitar work.

Enjoy this mix with a $4.50 grog of Coke. Have a great weekend.


November 12, 2010 - Posted by | Classic Rock, Folk, Mix CD, Popular, Rock

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