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The Friday mix: Winter is here and I’m pretty happy about it

I was driving around today and was treated to the first snow of the year here in the Land of Cleve. I know it’s not for everyone, but since I was a little kid, the sight of snow in the air invariably lifts my mood. It put me in a mind to pull some songs related to winter, snow, and cold for the mix today.

Here it comes.

  1. Snowblind – Minus 8
    This is a very pleasant chill out tune with some electric piano, rave percussion, and wailing vocals.
  2. Snowman – XTC
    This is from one of their early albums, “English Settlement,” and it’s typically catchy and clever.
  3. Snowball – Devo
    Mark Mothersbaugh went to my high school, but years before me so I never met him. This is one of my favorite songs from their best album, “Freedom of Choice.” Oddly, this studio version is not from the album, so I don’t know where it came from. It’s close to the one I grew up with, though.
  4. Lost in the Snow – Bruce Hornsby
    This is a touching and seemingly true song about an 8 year-old Bruce getting lost in a snowy woods. The song is kind of scary but the piano work in this is joyfully brilliant.
  5. Stone Cold Crazy – Queen
    This is the sick original version of this song. The Metallica version is not nearly this good. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails did a great remix of this song using Freddy’s vocals and Brian’s guitar and I wanted to post it, but I can’t find it anywhere. If you can find it, buy it.
  6. Shiver – Coldplay
    Something about Coldplay bothers me sometimes, but I really like this song. It’s a beautiful and inventive vocal melody with cool lyrics and the band does a nice job backing Chris Martin.
  7. Cold Brains – Beck
    I only ripped two tracks off this follow-up to “Odelay” and this is one of them. The mellow vibe reminds me of the melancholy and beautiful work he did on “Sea Change.”
  8. Cold Hearted Old Times – (Smog)
    John Cusack is a brilliant appreciator of music like I aspire to be. He put this on the High Fidelity soundtrack, which is a brilliant romantic comedy about a professional musical appreciator.
  9. Cold Hard Bitch – Jet
    This is a great rocker by Jet. I was frankly disappointed by most of their follow-up work, but ‘Cold Hard Bitch’ has a great classic rock feel.
  10. Chilly at the Crib – Ugly Americans
    Honestly, I can’t understand how Bob Schneider’s great, funky work has mostly flown below America’s radar. It’s hard to get a taste from this sample, but I’ve been a fan for almost 20 years. You should check him out.
  11. Walking in the Wind – Traffic
    I haven’t collected a lot of vintage Traffic discs and the retrospective collection “Smiling Phases” is probably the main reson why. I feel like I already have most of the really great tracks, like this one.
  12. The Hounds of Winter – Sting
    Well, this is one of Sting’s more self-indulgent, melodramatic songs but, God help me,  I really like it.
  13. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
    This is the first song I ever hear from Fleet Foxes when NPR’s All Songs Considered spun it for me. It’s beautiful. One of the things that impresses me about these guys is when they do it live it sounds exactly like this.
  14. Time of the Season – Big Blue Missile & Scott Weiland
    The original of this song is cool, but I was knocked out by the arrangement in this remake from the The Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack.
  15. It’s Ice – Phish
    This is a clever non-Trey song about a guy battling his own reflection in the ice on a pond.
  16. White Mystery – Minus the Bear
    OK, so ‘White Mystery’ isn’t necessarily wintry. It IS from their “Planet of Ice” album, though, so I went with it. Plus it’s cool.

Enjoy this mix with a hot toddy or, I suppose, any straight booze sipped from a hip flask on a cold day. Have a great weekend.


November 6, 2010 - Posted by | Chillout, Classic Rock, Jam Bands, Mix CD, Popular, Rock


  1. What a fun mix! Way to appreciate the snow. It’s comin’ either way, so might as well enjoy it.

    I drove in a little blizzard Friday night. Kinda crazy.

    Comment by Jenn | November 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. We still have leaves on trees up here by the lake. Green ones. And now snow on the ground too. Weird.

    Comment by MissedMusic | November 7, 2010 | Reply

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