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The Friday mix: Halloween songs

My daughter is a ninja this year. I’m glad we’re past the whole princess or fairy or fairy princess thing. Ninjas are way cooler and she knows it. Halloween has been my favorite holiday since it overtook Christmas when I was about 8 years old. I love the weather, the candy, the fantasy, the fear. All of October is great leading up to it. As I did last year, I put together a Halloween mix for you. Enjoy.

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns.

  1. Monster Hospital – Metric
    I wanted to kick this mix off with a scary as hell video. Enjoy. Metric’s lead singer, Emily Haines, is a member of Broken Social Scene, but this song sounds more like an old Breeders tune. It might be a protest song. “I fought the war but the war won.”
  2. Looking at the Invisible Man – The Dead Weather
    Jack White and Alison Mosshart at their funky freakiest. A dirty bass line and weird lyrics make this sound bad ass. I wasn’t crazy about this follow-up album, but I really like this song.
  3. Miracle in the Bazaar / Lockjaw – Todd Rundgren
    This is from the album “A Capela,” a project by Rundgren in which every sound on the album is some straight or electronically manipulated product of Rundgren’s voice. I really wanted to just put on ‘Lockjaw’ – a fable about an ogre who nails lying children’s jaws open with a rusty nail, using his head for a hammer. It begins at the 4:14 mark of this link. Still, ‘Miracle at the Bazaar’ is kind of creepy, so it fits.
  4. Deadweight – Beck
    This was released on the ‘A Life Less Ordinary’ soundtrack back in 1997, so you may have never heard this gem. It’s a winner, if you edit off the minute of chaotic noise at the end.
  5. Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo
    Who writes better spooky party music than Danny Elfman, the man who wrote the music for Nightmare Before Christmas and who voiced Jack Skellington when he sang? Yeah, that would be no one.
  6. Evil Guh – Jookabox
    This was a really cool project, and this song’s dark topic, plodding pace, and disturbing delivery make it perfect for the holiday.
  7. Phantom Don’t Go – Jookabox
    Twofer, because it really is cool and both work nicely in a Halloween mix.
  8. Johnny Is Dead – Q Tip
    Bummer for Johnny; good news for us. A simple keyboard backbone for Q Tip, but it’s all he ever needs.
  9. Dead Man Walking – David Bowie
    Brrraaaaaiiiinnnnssss! This is some of Bowie’s later, less organic rock. I still really like it.
  10. Heaven’s Dead – Audioslave
    Cornell has my favorite voice in rock n’ roll. And he can write a great melody. Great song.
  11. Scarecrow People – XTC
    They wrote some oddball songs and this is one of them, but God help me I love these guys.
  12. Bloody Cape – Deftones
    What would a Halloween mix be without some crunching metal? The Deftones lay some violence on us.
  13. In My Blood – Starsailor
    OK, so the tone of this song is hopeful, not spooky. The title makes it belong, plus the song is cool, heavy pop. It reminds me a lot of Black Crowes, actually, which is odd since the band is British.
  14. Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio
    The more I hear TV on the Radio, the more I like them. I saw them at Bonnaroo and they were impressive. This is a great track.

Enjoy this mix with a black martini. Have a good weekend and a great holiday.


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