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The Friday mix: bringing the funk

I woke up in a bit of a funk today. It’s complicated. And yet, as it usually does, music transformed my mood. I find a good cure for being in a funk is listening to funk. The energy is infectious. Here is a mix of some funk to help take your mind off your troubles.

This stuff will make you dance, no matter how you felt when the song came on.

  1. Righteous (City Pain) –  Dag
    My brother is a musician and he likes him some funk. He sent me this disc, “Righteous,” years ago and there is indeed some great music on it.
  2. Lovely Jane – Dag
    In fact, there is so much great music on “Righteous” I’m going to give you a double shot of Dag to kick off this funk mix. These guys are fantastic. It’s funny to see the vocalist in the video. His is not the face I pictured all these years.
  3. Use the Force – Jamiroquai
    You might remember his great song (and video) for ‘Virtual Insanity.’  He’s a great funk artist, carrying the sound forward. I remember seeing him on Jamie Oliver’s cooking show a few years back, which nearly created a coolness singularity.
  4. Who is He (And What Is He to You)? – Bill Withers
    Me’Shell Ndegeocello does a brilliant cover of this song, but I went with the original. The bass line alone is enough for any funk mix.
  5. Cramp Your Style – Breakestra
    Horns! Love ‘em. There ought to be a law requiring them, as far as I’m concerned.
  6. Tell Mama – Etta James
    OK, so this is Motown/funk. Etta James is the bomb. Heart wrenching at will, funky as hell whenever she likes.
  7. When Love Comes Home – Ivey, Chet & His Fabulous Avengers
    I had some trouble finding a link to a sample. It’s busy and brilliant, so I hope you can find the track, if you like it. You can buy it here for only £0.84, however much that is.
  8. Night Train – James Brown
    The Godfather of Soul. The hardest working man in show business. He had it going on, that’s for sure. This is from 1963 and it’s wonderful. I saw him at Bonnaroo in 2003 a few years before his death at age 74. Honestly, it was a little sad. You could see what a brilliant performer he had been in his prime but at 70 he simply couldn’t do it anymore.
  9. Promised Land – Naomi Davis & Sugarman Three
    Busy percussion, speedy horns, and jangling guitar back Naomi Davis, who has a somewhat manly voice, I have to say, at least in this track. It’s a cool song.
  10. Pick It Up, Lay It in the Cut – Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
    If you haven’t yet bought Sharon Jones’ entire catalog, give this one a listen. She is the new queen of funk.
  11. Gamera – Action Figure Party
    This is the intersection of jazz and funk. If you’re a regular reader, you know I like the intersection of jazz and anything. ‘Gamera’ is no exception.
  12. World Keeps Spinning – Brand New Heavies
    These guys are frequently listed among the top 50 funk bands. I found this one on the Truth About Cats and Dogs soundtrack, which is why I like to buy soundtracks.
  13. Musicology – Prince
    Prince has always drawn a lot of inspiration from funk music. Every now and then he doesn’t innovate with it, he just plays it straight up. Here is a busy mix of a nearly instrumental funk song.
  14. Serpentine Fire – Earth Wind & Fire
    These guys are frequently listed among the top 3 funk bands of all time. If you don’t remember them, or if you don’t remember songs by them you like, check this one out. The bass is crazy.
  15. So What the Fuss – Stevie Wonder
    No one plays funk like Stevie did and still does, as it turns out. This is from Stevie’s new album and it is fantastic. I saw him perform this at Bonnaroo this year and I wondered, “Why haven’t I heard this before?” Because it is new.
  16. Green Onions – Booker T. and the MGs
    A great instrumental. It’s probably not the funkiest tune they ever did, but it is my favorite and it IS funky.

I was looking for a funky drink and googled it. I’m not sure I got the definition of funky I intended. I couldn’t decide between the Stinky Weasel or the Stinky Pinky. Enjoy the mix with whichever strikes your fancy. Have a great weekend.


September 24, 2010 - Posted by | Funk, Jazz, Mix CD, Popular, R&B


  1. Good post mate, bookmarked the blog. Also do you mind if I was to post some sections for my blog? I will give full credits to yours and a link back? Thanks keep up the good work!

    Great mix!

    Comment by Pablo | September 25, 2010 | Reply

    • Please feel free to post some of it to your own blog. If you’re going to link back to my blog that’s fair play. Thanks for reading!

      Comment by MissedMusic | September 25, 2010 | Reply

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