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The Friday mix: (by request) Hulk smash!

A friend read my Love in the Fall post from last week and thought I was turning into a big sissy. He demanded that I follow that mix with a metal mix because “manism dictates.” Fair enough.


  1. You Don’t Have to Be Old to Be Wise – Judas Priest
    My brother sent me this disc a few months ago. I hadn’t listened to “British Steel” all the way through since a childhood friend played it for me when it was new. It blew me away then and it’s still great today.
  2. The Biggest Lie – Hüsker Dü
    The heavy chord progression of the intro is sick, the lyrics are appropriately dark, and the punk influence just makes it wild.
  3. Hemispheres – Between the Screams
    The eighth note power chords and screaming vocals give this grungy song extra power. This one goes up to 11.
  4. Farewell the Favored – Across the Sun
    These guys put out an interesting sound. Relentless guitar, pounded drums, and Cookie Monster vocals trade with pure, sung vocals and distorted arpeggios. The overall effect should be heavy enough for you.
  5. Grim Heart/Black Rose – Converge
    ‘Grim Heart’ is beautiful, in a bleeding ears kind of way. It flows straight into ‘Black Rose,’ which is also strong and even heavier.
  6. Open Your Eyes – Without Thought
    Blistering metal with a bit of neo-punk vocals. As much as I hate most neo-punk, the use of that style in metal works for me on this track.
  7. The Lotus Eater – Opeth
    Again, Cookie Monster and an actual singer take turns singing. The guitar and drums hit it hard, but you get unexpected keyboards and even a little cello in the intro (probably synthesized). It’s good.
  8. Vicinity of Obscenity – System of a Down
    These guys work really hard at being weird. They succeed. Serj Tankian sounds like Freddy Mercury’s evil twin in this song.
  9. No Quarter – Tool
    ‘No Quarter’ was always one of my favorite Zeppelin tunes. Maynard takes this already epic song and stretches it out to nearly 10 minutes and somehow manages to make it heavier and perhaps more beautiful than the original. Wow.
  10. Fan Club – Verbow
    The verses are patient, almost lurking, and they pounce on the choruses. Singer Jason Narducy doesn’t really have a metal voice but this really isn’t metal anyway. Fans of old Hüsker Dü will probably like this. In fact, Bob Mould himself likes these guys and had them open for him on tour.
  11. The Dryness and the Rain – mewithoutyou
    The guitar work is cool, the vocal performance is compelling, and the song is cleverly constructed, but this song is all about the lyrics for me.
  12. Unanswered – Suicide Silence
    Be warned, this is probably the hardest song on my iPod. Speed death metal with menacingly screamed vocals. I can only take this stuff in small doses, but damn this song rocks hard. “Where is your god? Where is your f*cking god?!”
  13. Pressure – Skindred
    They call their blend of punk, metal, and reggae “ragga metal.” I can’t believe I never posted this song before. Check it out.

I hope this will dispel any myths that I’m going soft. Enjoy this mix with some tequila, straight up. Have a great weekend.


September 17, 2010 - Posted by | Hard Rock, Metal, Mix CD

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  1. Way to rally! Your manliness is intact without question. I’m actually a little afraid of you now.

    I had never heard the Tool cover, awesome!

    Comment by ken | September 20, 2010 | Reply

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