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Lush folk/pop from Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes got a lot of press a couple years ago with the release of their full length debut, “Fleet Foxes.”  I first heard them on NPR’s All Songs Considered, but subsequently saw them on Saturday Night Live (Rosario Dawson). Incidentally, they were awesome on SNL. I had picked up their disc before I saw them on TV and I liked some of the songs. Seeing them perform the music, though, gave me a whole new appreciation for what they were doing musically. These are gifted musicians who I would love to see live.

This is a disc that may take a couple listens. It's worth it.

I have heard comparisons to Crosby, Still, Nash, & Young, which I kind of get. Vocal harmonies make up a large part of their sound. Their music is mostly acoustic and has a folk feel to it but beyond that they don’t write the same kinds of songs. Fleet Foxes lyrics are poems rich in pastoral imagery and it’s rare for them to do an up-tempo song. That said, it isn’t sleepy music. Some of it is positively thrilling, to me anyway. I still like to throw this one in my CD player and listen to it all the way through. If you’re looking for a few winners to buy as MP3s or to get a feel for whether you want to purchase the whole disc, check these out.

  • White Winter Hymnal – This was the single and they made a great video for it. The vocal harmonies figure prominently in the sound but there is also lots of reverberated guitar and thundering drums. The melody is pleasing and the whole song is well-executed.
  • Ragged Wood – Simple plucked acoustic guitar and vamping percussion back more of their gorgeous harmony vocals. The song is about longing but is full of natural images. It changes midway through to a more deliberate pace and if anything finishes prettier than when it started.
  • Heard Them Stirring – Again they open with a fat harmony vocal chord. The song drops immediately into a contemplative lilt and stays that way. The bass drops gentle beats to keep the song steady while the guitar soothes. The vocals swell and fade, but there are no lyrics. It’s a beautiful track.

Fleet Foxes were attempting to get their follow-up album done in 2009. Touring apparently got in the way, but it still hasn’t been released. Hurry up, guys.



September 8, 2010 - Posted by | Folk, Popular

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