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Catchy pop with integrity from Rocco DeLuca and the Burden

Rocco DeLuca got his start as a solo artist who opened for the likes of Taj Mahal, John Mayer, and John Lee Hooker. After meeting with some success as a solo artist, he signed a deal with Keifer Sutherland’s music label, Ironworks, and released an album with a full band, The Burden. Their 2006 debut, “I Trust You to Kill Me” is perhaps derivative of Led Zeppelin (particularly of III) but is a solid release. DeLuca plays a dobro, often with a slide, which is cool, and has a great voice. I ripped 6 tracks off this release and here they are.

  • Gift – The disc opens with this beautiful love ballad. The vocal line is wonderful and the lyrics are truly moving. I like the arrangement, too, with distorted guitar giving it some balls instead of making it a wimpy piano ballad.
  • Dope – This delicate but driving acoustic song features slide guitar and slightly distorted vocals. You will stomp your foot.
  • Swing Low – Dirty slide guitar and pounding, plodding percussion back DeLuca’s clean but soulful voice. I particularly like the way the vocal line walks down an arpeggio at the chorus.
  • Speak to Me – The guitar riff here borrows pretty heavily from ‘That’s the Way’ off of “Led Zeppelin III.” Of course, I love that song, so I don’t mind something that reminds me of it.
  • How Fast – They achieve a feel somewhere between The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin on this track. So, yeah, it’s pretty damn good.
  • Gravitate – This is a pretty standard garage band guitar riff until the chorus, but the spirited vocal performance and the cool chorus add a lot of interest, turning it into a pretty energetic hard pop song.

The single off this album was “Colorful.”  To be honest, this song doesn’t do much for me. It’s a sweet, up-tempo song with nice lyrics, but it reminds of some of John Mayer’s blander work. Rocco DeLuca and the Burden released a follow-up album in 2009. I have ordered it and I’ll let you know what I find.


September 7, 2010 - Posted by | Indie, Popular, Rock

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