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The Friday mix: on the road again

For the Friday mix this week, I wanted to hit my travel theme again because I found a bunch of songs that fit and I love a lot of the music on this topic. This week is more locations. Give a listen because this is some great music.

Seeing things that I may never see again.

  1. Streets of Calcutta – Ananda Shankar
    The Rough Guide folks came through for me again with this rock-influenced Asian song. Sitar, flute, and clean electric guitar. It’s a cool mix.
  2. Brazil – Antonio Carlos Jobim (from “Stone Flower”)
    This is my favorite version I have hear Jobim or anyone else do of this song. It’s quiet but completely groovy.
  3. Back to Africa – Aswad
    Reggae has roots in West African music and this tune takes us and reggae back there.
  4. Commerce, TX – Ben Kweller
    This fellow has a bright future in pop music. It’s not necessarily fresh, since it sounds exactly like Weezer, who are themselves derivative of other bands. That said, I really like this track.
  5. Say Goodbe to Hollywood – Billy Joel
    Maybe it’s because I’m old, but I really like Billy Joel. And I think this track is superior to the Eminem song of the same name.
  6. St. Petersburg – Brazilian Girls
    My love of Brazilian Girls is welldocumented. This has a simple, catchy melody and the best whistling since the Andy Griffith theme song.
  7. South of the Border – Chris Isaak
    Many people have chosen to do this song, but I really like Isaak’s Orbison-esque crooning and the Hawiian-sounding guitar.
  8. Mushaboom – Feist
    Mushaboom is a rural community near Halifax in Nova Scotia and an irresistible little song from Feist. I think this was used in a car commercial or something.
  9. Back in N.Y.C. – Genesis
    Hey, kids! Have you ever heard of Peter Gabriel? Phil Collins? Well, they used to be in a band together and back when Gabriel was doing more drugs than your average audience at a Phish show, he wrote this brilliant concept album. This is my favorite track on that album.
  10. Trains to Brazil – Guillemots
    The kids in this video don’t seem to be digging this 80s throwback pop. Or maybe they’re staring at the hot bass player.
  11. Lookout Cleveland – The Band
    I also have a great version of this classic by Jackie Green.
  12. Guayaquil City – Mano Negra
    This is perhaps my favorite song on today’s mix simply because of the fantastic horns.
  13. New York Hustle – Mick Jagger
    This is from the Alfie soundtrack. You wouldn’t believe this was Jagger because he barely sings a note on the album and it’s full of really cool music like this one. No offense intended, but I honestly thought Jagger’s best years were behind him. The old boy’s still got some juice left in him.
  14. Baton Rouge – The Nixons
    Southern rock meets grunge and the pairing is good.
  15. Taj Mahal – Sam Roberts
    Ringing piano, a Donovan-esque melody, and fat harmony vocals can’t miss me.
  16. Cayman Review – Trey Anastasio
    Trey’s 2002 solo album, recorded during “The Hiatus,” has some great songs and some fun music, like this one.
  17. Back to Basom – Ween
    Basom is apparently a tiny little hamlet in New York. Ween is often weird and frenetic, but I think this patient, evocative tune is simply beautiful.

Enjoy this mix with a tequila sunrise, because I’ve only ever had this drink on vacation. Have a great weekend.


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