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The Friday mix: Villains

I gave a mix to my brother for his birthday a couple weeks ago and it had the first two songs on this mix. It occurred to me that a mix of songs about cads and bastards would make a great topic. There are plenty of songs that accuse others of being bad people. The ones I like, though, are the ones where the protagonist is the bad guy. That’s where the real darkness is and it makes for an interesting song most of the time. Most, though not all, of these songs are like that.

Mu wu hu hu ha ha ha ha!

Be warned that when you collect songs about bad people, you get bad topics. This is probably the first R-rated mix I have put together, with links to profanity and nudity. So put the kids to bed and enjoy.

  1. Black River Killer – Blitzen Trapper
    Watch this video. Listen to the lyrics too in this acoustic song about a killer who keeps getting second chances. It’s an interesting journey they take us on and the video is brilliantly conceived.
  2. The Rake’s Song – Decembrists
    This is perhaps the wickedest song on this mix. When his wife dies delivering their 4th child, he decides to kill his kids 1 by 1 so he can be a bachelor again. Fun! The song rocks, though.
  3. You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse
    Winehouse is incredibly talented. She’s great songwriter with a stellar voice, but I believe her when she says, “You know I’m no good.”
  4. White Man’s Throat – Apollo 440
    This is a completely funky jazz track with the eerie lyrics, “Set the bird. Get die like I want to. With my hands around the white man’s throat. Diggin’.” Nice.
  5. I Fucked Your Dad – Bear vs. Shark
    The title of this song may be a reference to a Family Guy episode. Otherwise I don’t get it. So the protagonist isn’t a villain. The title is still pretty vicious.
  6. Loser – Beck
    This is from Beck’s debut, “Mellow Gold.” This track caught my attention on the radio, but I went out and bought this disc after a heard a second great track from this disc, “Fuckin’ with my Head.
  7. Bastard – Ben Folds
    I have mad respect for Ben Folds. He isn’t as hot as he was in the 90s, but he is still an amazing songwriter. I almost picked this one, by the way.
  8. Sinister Kid – Black Keys
    A great, gritty track off their stellar new album, “Brothers.” “The boy with the broken halo. That’s me. That’s me. The devil won’t let me be.”
  9. 666 Conducer – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    A heavy beat, hard strummed acoustic guitars, and a cool, smoky song about an evil man. “You’re a 666 conducer. How do you do the things you do, sir?”
  10. Skinned – Blind Melon
    This must be the only song about a serial killer that features a kazoo.
  11. She’s My Ride Home – Blue October
    “We talked together sharpening the knife. Like killing partners for a life. Hey, we can hide the bodies on the ride home.” This is an absolutely beautiful song, the grim subject matter notwithstanding.
  12. Hag – The Breeders
    I just realized I have never written up this great album. You can probably look for that review next week. These lyrics are a bit impenetrable, but she’s definitely singing about a woman who is hot and cold.
  13. Machete – Brother Cane
    OK, so this is a cool song and it might be about a villain. I really chose it, though, because of this great R-rated fake trailer from Grindhouse in 2007. Rodriguez actually made this movie and released it this year.
  14. Jack Ruby – Camper van Beethoven
    A non-fictional character in this one who I suppose some folks don’t look on as a villain. I don’t know. Shooting folks is a bad thing and we will never have some answers we may have gotten otherwise. This is the only Camper van Beethoven song I have, but it is a damn good one.

Enjoy this mix with an Evil Angel. Have a great weekend.


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