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The Friday mix: my latest finds from around the world

It’s been some time now since I put together a mix of world music and I collect it all the time so I have some real gems for you today. In my endless quest for music that sounds fresh or breaks new ground, I can always count on world music. The collision of traditions and cultures is always rich with great new ideas, and even if it is some traditional, indigenous music it is often new to me.

Now, somebody get this guy a drum machine.

  1. Jijy – Big Blue Ball (feat. Arona N’Diaye, Rossy, Jah Wobble)
    This is one of Peter Gabriel’s many interesting projects. Artists from all over the world contributed, including Sinead O’Conor, Karl Wallinger,  Gabriel himself, and many others that I didn’t know (but Gabriel did). It was in production literally 18 years before being launched in the U.S. in 2004. This is a relentless groove that will make you dance like magic shoes.
  2. Mala Suerta con el 13 – Calle 13/Mala Rodríguez
    I speak a smattering of Spanish, but these guys are rapping too fast for me. I believe, though, that these are some explicit lyrics, so you may want to watch out blasting this one. Either way, great track.
  3. Bethe Bethe Kese Kese – Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
    A beautiful song, modern production, and the best Qawwali singer ever make this a relaxing and uplifting groove.
  4. Eh Mustapha – Hamsa Lila
    This sample is only 82 seconds of this 7-minute song. After a few minutes of this chillout groove, the percussion picks up and we get a frantic and beautiful flute solo in an entirely different, high-energy vibe.
  5. Ayyu-Ha S-Saqi – Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles
    I’m not sure what Jennifer Charles brings to the table here. There is nothing western about this track at all. It’s a rich and gorgeous interpretation of a traditional Middle Eastern song.
  6. Morro Não Tem Vez (Favela) – Karrin Allyson
    This has a jazzy, French lounge feel, complete with a crazy vibes solo, and Allyson gives it a spirited, airy delivery.
  7. Maria Jose – Kinky
    Sometimes this Mexican techno 5-piece loses me, but not on this one. They keep the rhythm danceable and don’t do anything too weird. Other than this trippy video.
  8. Salla – Makale
    We get some full on Turkish hip-hop from this Turkish/Swiss/Italian act out of Sweden. I absolutely love to hear this western music form completely retrofitted to pull samples from an entirely different tradition.
  9. Jind Mahi – Malkit Singh
    The folks who assembled the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack found this one for me. Singh’s Bhangra singing is backed with western percussion and accompanied throughout the song by soprano sax. The energy is uplifting and the hook is compelling.
  10. Ya Habibi – Malouma Mint Maideh
    I found this one on a compilation called “Holding Up Half the Sky: Voices of African Women.” It’s a slow and lovely song where Maideh and saxophone take turns. The whole 6-minute song sounds like this and it couldn’t be more soothing.
  11. Guayaquil City – Mano Negra
    This track brings the energy back up a little bit. I love the harmonizing horns and the whole ska-in-Africa feel of the song.
  12. Pikrodafni – Mode Plagal
    Mode Plagal play a funky fusion of traditional Greek music and jazz. I once again offer my thanks to the folks at Rough Guides, this time for turning me onto these guys.
  13. Ana Baashaq el Bahr – Nagat El Saghira
    El Saghira sings a traditional-sounding Egyptian melody, but the violins, keyboard, and what sound simply like guitars update it a little without losing its national identity.
  14. Oriental Wind – Wax Poetic
    They take several minutes setting up this quiet, speedy groove, but eventually we get some really cool klezmer clarinet and trumpet solos. It never becomes full on klezmer, though. It stays cool and jazzy, if a little ominous. The song is only 4:13, but this video’s poster looped it to show more footage of his vacation in Venice.

I hope you enjoy these and that you go out and find a few of these discs. If, by the way, you have a favorite world music album, please please leave me a comment so I can enjoy it too. Thanks in advance. Enjoy this mix with a cosmopolitan. Have a great weekend.


July 23, 2010 - Posted by | Chillout, Hip Hop, Jazz, Mix CD, World Music

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