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The Friday mix: refreshing chillout and electronica

As I listen to music in my car, I occasionally tag songs on my iPod as something I want to share with readers. Then, the next time I synch with iTunes I have all these songs with a 5-star rating to put in mixes. Lately, I’ve been getting into a lot of chillout and electronica and that is what I found today when I synched and started looking for a mix theme. If you usually just read on Fridays, try following some links today. I love this stuff.

Nothing but the very finest.

  • Misunderstood – Common
    Great use of a Nina Simone sample. Common’s flow is outstanding and whoever mixed this one for him has a gift. It’s tough to know for sure because no less than 8 guys got a producer credit on this album, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this one was mixed by Kanye West.
  • In a Silent Way (DJ Cam Remix) – Miles Davis
    Miles Davis was a pioneer throughout his life. He continued stretching himself and staying relevant until his death in 1991. This remix reminds me of the music from his last release, the hip-hop-oriented “Doo Bop.”
  • 9×9 – Marco Benevento
    This dreamy chillout piece is in 5/4 time and features some cool percussion as a result. Check out the sample above, or this live performance to hear the whole thing (the song starts about a 90 seconds in).
  • Big Calm – Morcheeba
    It takes a minute for this song to get rolling, but when it does the whining synthesizers, jangling guitar, and shuffling percussion come together behind a smooth but pretty profane rap.
  • 3 Libras (All Main Courses Remix by 3D of Massive Attack) – A Perfect Circle
    Remixing this song was inspired. 3D did a great job of it too, taking away the mathematical structure of the original and making it eerier and more challenging to the ear.
  • Slip Inside This House – Primal Scream
    The percussion and piano combine in this song to create a nearly irresistible dance groove. I’m reminded a little bit of the Stone Roses.
  • You Make Life So Good – Rashaan Patterson
    You may wonder what such a poppy R&B track is doing on this mix. I don’t have an answer for you beyond it seems to fit. This hook caught my ear and I just love it.
  • Poetry – The RH Factor
    I have written this disc up
    in the past, but if you missed it, check out this smooth, jazzy tune on which Roy Hargrove gets some help from Erykah Badu AND Q-Tip. I would like to have been in the studio that day.
  • About Her – Malcolm McLaren
    This one comes from the Kill Bill soundtrack. The original was cool, but I like this update much better.
  • Tinsagu Nu Hana Dub – Ryukyu Underground
    Here’s a little world music vibe for you. This is from the “Rough Guide to Music of Okinawa,” which has some strange stuff on it. This, though, is very Western-accessible chillout dub.
  • Chica Bonita – Shaggy
    Sometimes Shaggy lays it on a little too thick for me, but the muted trumpet and Caribbean vibe is fantastic on this track.
  • Puppy Toy – Tricky
    The piano riff is great and Tricky’s trademark throaty whisper is cool, but neither can hold a candle to the dirty guitar and Alex Mills hollering at the chorus .
  • UNKLE (Main Title Theme) – UNKLE
    This might be the coolest song on this mix. This is from UNKLE’s first album, when DJ Shadow was in the band. Check out the crazy list of samples used in this song.
  • The Margretville Dance – The Prize Fighter Inferno
    You don’t get to hear the chorus in this sample, but you do get a sense of the quiet, keyboard-centered groove.
  • Regiment – Brian Eno & David Byrne
    When these two met to collaborate, I’m surprised they didn’t collapse into some singularity of weirdness. There IS some weird stuff on this collaboration, but they managed to keep it together for this song at least with just some Qawwali wailing and cool rhythmic work on bass.

Enjoy with an ice-cold dirty martini or something else refreshing but a little edgy. Have a great weekend.


July 16, 2010 - Posted by | Chillout, Electronica, Mix CD, Popular, R&B, World Music

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