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Frat party Hip hop / pop with surprising appeal from The Transplants

I have another library find for you today: The Transplants release, “Haunted Cities” (great album name). It was difficult to tell from the cover  what it was going to be. Didn’t quite look like metal. Maybe hardcore urban rap. I wasn’t sure.

Putting the "spla" in Transplants.

Turns out it is based in hip hop, but it pulls influences from a variety of genres. The Transplants are comprised of some guys who have already made it in the music business: Tim Armstrong  and Rob Aston (roadie) of Rancid and Travis Barker of Blink-182. It’s party music all the way. In fact, the feel you get from listening to the music is that these guys are the worst kind of slacker, pot smoking hoods. But you get these guys in a sound room and you can hear why their talent allows them to continue living this lifestyle. They have a gift for crafting fun melodies and their rapping is honest, funny, and even moving occasionally.

“Haunted Cities” has some low points, but 3 of the tracks really caught me and I ripped them to my iPod.

  • Gangsters and Thugs – “Some of my friends sell records. Some of my friends sell drugs.” Just a guy celebrating his friends. It’s a simple melody with a fast moving beat, vamping guitar, and Hammond organ flourishes.
  • Doomsday – Bouncing horns and romping, stomping percussion accent the rapping to an appealing hook.
  • What I Can’t Describe – “They say money can’t buy me love and that’s true, but money CAN buy me drugs so that’s cool.” Ha! Such a great, almost Motown groove with a sing-along chorus and superior flow during the verses. I really like this song.

I can’t tell from the album if the shows would be a blast or something to be avoided. If anyone reading this has by any chance seen them, let me know whether I should be on the lookout for them.


April 13, 2010 - Posted by | Alternative, Hip Hop, Popular

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