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A few cool tracks from French artists

About a year ago, I wrote about some French music I like.  I am returning to that topic today to tell you about a few artists I have stumbled across on my travels that you may never have had an opportunity to hear.

You know, after WWII, Americans and French people loved each other. What happened?

First, Biba Binoche. She actually rose to fame by getting on (and voted off) Big Brother Belgium. In spite of this suspicious start, she actually has a good sound and DanceVibes magazine called her debut, “Initials BB” one of the best Belgian albums of the year. I’m not sure how big a field that is, but the album has a few good tracks on it. In particular check out these two tracks:

Overdose – The video isn’t good and the Phantom of the McDonalds thing she’s going for doesn’t work either but this song is cool as hell. This YouTube link only has about a minute of this song, but you’ll get a feel for it. I like the plodding guitar and stuttering keyboards.

Perdre La Reine – Well I was going to link you to a song or a sample, but I can’t find it anywhere on the net. Amazon, ArtistDirect, YouTube… no where. Believe me, though. It’s a cool song with oozy verses and a beautiful and uplifting chorus.

Add mine to the list of positive reviews for this album. A lot of it is electropop so if you’re a fan of the genre, definitely pick this up. If you’re spotty on electropop, like me, you may want to see what singles you can hear before you but it.

The next is actually just a song by Marcel Et Son Orchestre. I found this on the Rough Guide to the Music of France disc I picked up at the library. I recommend you do the same thing because I haven’t been able to lay my hands on a copy of the album from which this track comes, “Si Ten Reveux Y’en Re N’A” (the import is $38).

  • Fuite de Fantaisie 1 – This is a great rock song with a neo-swing / ska feel. To hear it, you have to go to Amazon and listen to the sample. It’s track #19. It’s worth it, though. Honestly, I think this song could be a hit in the states if an English version were recorded. I hope you can find a copy.

February 16, 2010 - Posted by | Popular, World Music

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