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The Friday mix: more deep cuts from classic artists

Little known classic rock.

Today I am returning to the theme from a couple weeks ago of some more obscure tunes from very famous classic artists. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to find gems like these on classic albums. Radio, being radio, doesn’t usually do a lot of mining for deeper cuts. I hope you like these and I would be delighted to look for your suggestions for songs by any of these artists I may have missed.

  1. Dr. John – I Walk on Guilded Splinters
    This is a such a strange, oozy song. I love the work by the background singers. The only thing I can’t figure out is why you would go by a stage name (Dr. John) when your name is already really cool and memorable (Mac Rebennack).
  2. Elvis Presley – Tomorrow Night
    This was recorded in 1954 when Elvis was just 19 years old. Just his sweet young voice and a quietly plucked guitar but it’s such a pretty song. This isn’t what you think of when you hear the name Elvis.
  3. Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale – Any Way the Wind Blows
    Cale wrote some of Clapton’s biggest hits (‘After Midnight,’ ‘Cocaine’) but the two finally recorded together in 2004 for “The Road to Escondido.” This is what they mean by “sitting in the pocket.”
  4. Foo Fighters – Baker Street
    So the Foos haven’t been around quite long enough to be “classic.” Happily, this old Gerry Rafferty song has. I always liked the melody and Grohl and company do a fabulous job with it.
  5. Genesis – Back in N.Y.C.
    Most folks are familiar with Genesis sans Peter Gabriel. “Abacab” and “Genesis” were huge albums and they’ve put out a lot of great music after the split, but man sit down and give a listen to this twisted and brilliant concept album from 1974, right before Gabriel left the band. I think this is my favorite song off this album.
  6. George Harrison – Let It Down
    This is off his hugely popular solo debut, “All Things Must Pass” and although you can hear ‘My Sweet Lord,’ ‘I’d Have You Anytime,’ or ‘All Things Must Pass’ every day on your local classic rock radio station, I don’t believe I have ever heard this on the radio. Fantastic song. I’d like to hear someone cover it now with the big horns and gospel choir background singers.
  7. Gov’t Mule – Beautifully Broken
    So Gov’t Mule is an Allman Brothers side project they began in 1995. I have seen Levon Helm perform this song in person but I have to say this version, which begins with a ‘Doves Cry’ intro, is the coolest I’ve ever heard of this great song.
  8. The Hollies – Pay You Back with Interest
    Radio still plays ‘Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress)’ but you don’t hear this one  from 1967 very much.
  9. The Jackson 5 – It’s Your Thing
    This one pops up from time to time on the radio, but I never really heard it a lot. It’s from when it was OK for Michael to like 11 year-old boys because he was one.
  10. Janis Joplin – One Good Man
    Janis released this with the Kozmic Blues Band a year before her death. I actually have to thank Martin Scorsese for turning me onto this track on a blues mix he assembled.
  11. Jeff Beck – Stand On It
    Regular readers may remember when I recommended this album. This song actually charted, but if you’re looking for a great one that’s more obscure, check ‘Big Block.’
  12. Jethro Tull – Pibroch (Cap in Hand)
    You will never hear this one on the radio. It’s got a progressive rock experimental aspect to it and it rocks. Check it out. Honestly, this is the coolest Jethro Tull song you’ve never heard.
  13. Jimi Hendrix – One Rainy Wish
    I don’t know why radio has ignored this song. This is one of my very favorite Jimi songs but I never heard this song until I picked up this album. And I live in Cleveland. This town is obsessed with classic rock. Give it a listen.
  14. Joe Jackson – Invisible Man
    Joe Jackson is still writing great music. Check out this amazing performance of this song. It really sounds remarkably close to the studio recording from “Rain” in 2008.

Enjoy with a decent old wine, some aged cheese, or anything else old and delicious. Have a good weekend.


February 5, 2010 - Posted by | Classic Rock, Popular, Rock

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