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The Friday mix: Music to celebrate a new year.

I didn’t get to post this mix last week because my eight year-old daughter has been off school and though we had a blast over break, it’s actually kind of difficult to get a time-consuming mix post up with her around. You parents know what I mean. She went back to school this week, but we got a snow day today. Right now she’s spending a few quality minutes with the big square baby sitter watching a Scooby Doo DVD so I’m taking this chance to post.

Here's hoping you're surrounded by friends in the new year.

It’s a new year and though there were some definite highlights to the past year, I think many people will be pretty glad to see the ass end of 2009. At heart, though, I’m not a negative person and I’m celebrating the arrival of a new decade with a mix of songs that see the end of things and look forward to new things. Here’s to a great new year.

  1. Sacrificial Bonfire – XTC
    One of my very favorite solstice / New Year songs because the melody is pretty and the string arrangement is so nice. “Change must be earnt.”
  2. New Beginning – Tracy Chapman
    Tracy Chapman writes a lot of mournful, depressing songs. I love it when she writes an up-tempo track like this one.
  3. When the Sun Rose Again – Alice in Chains
    From their new album, “Black Gives Way to Blue,” which is surprisingly good (surprising to me anyway). This one is dark and oozy, but has a hopeful note in it.
  4. Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More – The Allman Brothers Band
    You know this song. It’s about getting up and getting on with your life because time goes by like a hurricane. Here are the Brothers live at the Beacon Theatre in 2003.
  5. Morning – Amel Larrieux
    A beautiful song about the start of a day. Check out the deep lyrics as you listen.
  6. (This If for the) Better Days – A Band of Bees
    Hoist one and drink to better days to come. A Band of Bees, or just The Bees as they’re known in the UK, do a lot of different kinds of music. This is a vamping groove.
  7. With My Two Hands – Ben Harper
    This kind of inspirational song is one of the things I love about Ben Harper. Contrast this with John Mayer who is “Waiting for the World to Change.” Get to work, punk.
  8. Another Lonely Start – Billy Boy on Poison
    Making a new start can be lonely. In this case, it’s ending a relationship and starting out alone. This is a pretty straight-ahead Beatles-influenced pop song. I like it.
  9. Change – Blind Melon
    It’s not just the title, the entire song has a hopeful feel. Plus it contains one of my all-time favorite lyrics, “And when your deepest thoughts are broken keep on dreamin’, boy, ‘cos when you stop dreamin’ it’s time to die.”
  10. The Day Brings – Brad
    Another song about hope and change, this time from the sometimes spotty and sometimes brilliant supergroup, Brad. This is my second-favorite song from these guys.
  11. Darlin’ Do Not Fear – Brett Dennen
    A sweet little acoustic tune. I got this on a free disc someone was giving away at Bonnaroo. This is a live performance, but it sounds pretty close to the studio version.
  12. Gonna Be Some Changes Made – Brudce Hornsby
    The piano riff sounds a bit like ‘That’s Just the Way It Is’ but this is a very different song. Sadly, you have to sit through 60 seconds of terrible interview from The View before the music kicks in, but it is a good recording.
  13. Setting Forth – Eddie Vedder
    From the Into the Wild soundtrack, which is definitely worth getting. This one is barely 2 minutes long, but it’s cool. So this guy set forth to eventually starve to death in the forest. Not a great omen as songs go, but it is about a beginning.
  14. No Turning Back – G. Love and Special Sauce
    This is the opening track from “Philadelphonic” and it’s a great, high-energy kickoff to this album and to the new year.
  15. People Get Ready – Phoebe Snow with Ladysmith Black Mambazo
    Definitely a song about looking forward to a world of peace. This is my favorite version of The Impressions’ classic.

Enjoy with a drink you’ve never had before. Have a great weekend and a great new year.


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