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Nearly ridiculous but somehow successful Austrian Metal from Siegfried

Oh, Bwunhiwde, you'we so wovewy...

Honestly, I’m not sure if these guys are serious or not. “Nibelung” by Siegfried is a metal opera based on the same Teutonic myth that inspired the third of Wagner’s four Ring Cycle operas. If they’re serious, sorry guys, this is kind of funny. If this is a Spinal Tap-esque parody, it’s the funniest take on this subject since Buggs and Elmer took a swing at it in ‘What’s Opera, Doc?’ I would probably know for sure if I spoke German. Either way, the project would fail if the metal wasn’t blistering. It is. Read about it on AltSounds: http://hangout.altsounds.com/reviews/113043-sigfried-nibelung-album.html


November 30, 2009 - Posted by | Hard Rock, Metal

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  1. *Oh Brunhilda, you’re so lovely
    Yes I know it I can’t help it
    Oh Brunhilda be my love
    Return my love a longing burns deep inside me
    Return my love I want you always beside me
    Love like ours must be
    Made for you and for me*

    I’ve been walking around my hotel singing this in my very best Elmer…outstanding.

    Comment by Jenifer | November 30, 2009 | Reply

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