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The Friday mix: more Heavy Metal and Hard Rock

It rained all day today without a break so I was inside doing home improvement. I had the hard rock mix on to keep me motivated. It’s cold enough outside that the windows are shut, so I can turn it up to 11 without the neighbors banging on my door or calling the cops. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Hard Rock/Metal mix, so I figured I’d share these.

"Hey, that's a lot of metal."

"Hey, that's a lot of metal."

  1. Chevelle – Humaoid
    I thought this was a good way to kick off the mix. A little guitars-only lead in before the drums smack you down. This video was mixed by a fan from other footage of the band. I think he did a pretty good job.
  2. Audioslave – Out of Exile
    I know I’m not introducing anyone to Audioslave, but this song is insane. It sucks that they broke up. They really had it going on.
  3. Bigdumbface – Burgalveist
    I usually find Cookie Monster vocals silly, but for some reason this one really works for me. I think they applied some effects to slow his voice down and make it even more guttural. Another good one from these guys is ‘Fightin’ Stance.’
  4. Black Mountain – Stormy High
    The punching guitar and wailing harmonies in this song are cool. I was tickled to find this song on YouTube with this unbelievable footage of a handful of maniacs boarding down a snowy mountain.
  5. Brand New Sin – Wyoming
    These guys are Southern Rock meets Metal. This is the only song I have on my iPod by Brand New Sin. I seem to remember the rest of this disc didn’t do a lot for me, but this song kills. I don’t know who the drunks are in this homemade video.
  6. Brother Cane – Machete
    These guys sound an awful lot like Soundgarden. Of course, since Soundgarden isn’t around anymore, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sadly, this song isn’t on YouTube, but you can listen to the sample on Amazon. Track 4.
  7. The Buzzhorn – To Live Again
    These guys have broken up and gone on to other projects. That’s kind of too bad, because they got a lot of great press when they hit the scene but never quite punched through. Singer Damon Johnson has an ear for cool harmonies and a great hard rock voice, which is why I find it so utterly perplexing that he is now with the Country band, Whiskey Falls.
  8. Clutch – Power Player
    I said before you can’t make a metal mix without Clutch. That’s the law. Just keeping out of trouble.
  9. Coinmonster – Low Profile Car
    Surprisingly, Amazon did a nice job with this sample. They catch the dirty, bass-heavy verse and the transition to the growling chorus. Love these guys.
  10. Deftones – Bloody Cape
    These guys have been at it since the mid-90s. This one is from their eponymous 2003 release. I don’t know how the strings don’t break, he’s playing them so hard.
  11. Distrubed – Stupify
    Again, I know I’m probably not turning anyone onto this song, but it get my head banging every time so I’m adding it. I like the Hellgate video they put together for this song as well.
  12. Every Time I Die – Rendez-Voodoo
    Singer Keith Buckley can sing slick harmonies when he wants to, but usually he wants to sound like this throat is bleeding. The band is tight. The lyrics are clever. I think guys like this are the future of Metal.
  13. Far – What I’ve Wanted to Say
    This chord progression is so heavy you don’t expect the vocals to come in gently like some college radio band. He gets his wail on before it’s over, though.
  14. Baroness – Grad
    I wrote up Baroness a few months ago. This song, like much of their music, is beautiful as outer space and heavy as Hell. This is a towering, patient instrumental piece and it felt like a good way to close a mix.

Enjoy with some really cheap tequila, or something else that will piss you off. Have a great weekend.


October 23, 2009 - Posted by | Hard Rock, Metal, Rock

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