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The Friday mix: Can’t get enough women

For the Friday mix this week I’m returning to my exploration of some great female artists I have found. The first week I got a meaty mix out of just the letters A and B. Volume 2 required only C and D. This week I was able to get a baker’s dozen from E and F. It’s a good crop this week too. I hope you like it.

Yeah! Play that... whatever the hell that is!

Yeah! Play that... whatever the hell that is!

  1. Edie Brickell – Oo La La
    Guess what song you find 50 versions of if you search for Edie Brickell on YouTube. Well, Edie has done a lot since ‘What I Am’ (including marry Paul Simon). This cool track is from her 2003 release, “Volcano.”
  2. Elaine Summers – The Real Low Down
    Summers got her start backing up Pete Droge, and they still collaborate today. She has kind of a Sheryl Crow meets Shelby Lynne folk-rock thing going on. I love the lyrics on this song. “You thought that you were truly rare, but there’s a lot of folks like you out there and I’ll be damned if I didn’t meet another one today. The real low down.”
  3. Eliza Gilkyson – Twisted
    This song is heavy. It’s oozy sound and honest lyrics are typical of Gilkyson, whose father and brother are famous musicians too. She plays cross-over Country and is an amazing songwriter. Here she is doing this song live.
  4. Ella Fitzgerald – Body and Soul
    I could have picked almost any song at random from Ella. I’ve got over 30 of her songs on my iPod. The liquid sheen of her voice, the flexibility to move from jumping joy to melancholy hopefulness, and her amazing improvisation and phrasing abilities made her perhaps the best female vocalist ever. If you don’t have a bunch of Ella, do yourself a favor and go purchase the first disc you come across. She could literally do no wrong.
  5. Erykah Badu – Other Side of the Game
    Badu is my favorite R&B artist right now. I saw her at Bonnaroo this year. She was really, really weird and incredibly talented. It was a riveting show. This track is about the anxiety she feels because a guy she’s madly in love with deals drugs for a living. Check out ‘Soldier’ too. Another great song.
  6. Esthero – We R in Need of a Musical Revolution
    If you’ve heard anything from Eshtero, there’s a good chance this is it. I would call it radio-friendly, except the whole song is about how she’s “sick and tired of all the shit on the radio.” This is the title track to an album you should add to your collection if it isn’t there already.
  7. Etta James – At Last
    My understanding is that James was pissed that Beyonce was asked to perform this instead of her at Obama’s inaugural ball. I was too. Her long, brilliant work in Blues and Soul earned her that spot. Not to mention her improvised version of this Gordon/Warren song is the one we all know – the one, in fact, Beyonce was imitating.
  8. Evanescence – All that I’m Living For
    Amy Lee has a great voice and I love it when they do the metal thing. When they do the quiet ballads, not so much. This is a cool song and again, probably the one you’ve heard if you only know one song by these guys.
  9. Everything But the Girl – Troubled Mind
    Tracey Thorn gets around. By which I mean she collaborates with a lot of other artists. I’m always happy when she lends her voice to a song. EBTG is her own project with her husband, Ben Watt.
  10. Feist – Mushaboom
    In spite of its having been used in perfume and mattress commercials, covered and remixed multiple times, and put on movie soundtracks, I am not tired of this pretty song about a simple life in the little Nova Scotia town of Mushaboom. Feist has a remarkable ability to write little irresistible ditties like this one, God love her.
  11. The Fiery Furnaces – Worry Worry
    I wrote this album up some months ago. One of the highest compliments I can pay these guys is they don’t sound like anything else on my iPod. Maybe PJ Harvey meets Gogol Bordello? I don’t know, but lead singer Eleanor Friedberger is amazingly creative and they are fearless in creating grooves.
  12. Fiona Apple – Paper Bag
    I have to confess I thought Fiona Apple was going to be an enormous, enduring star. She’s still at it, but after her debut, ‘Tidal,’ went triple platinum, ‘When the Pawn…’ went platinum, and ‘Extraordinary Machine’ only went gold (which is still 1 million copies). She is a great songwriter and I hope she can put together another record that resonates with more people. I never stopped liking her. This track from ‘When the Pawn…’ got picked by Zach Braff to be on the Last Kiss soundtrack.
  13. The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La
    I absolutely respect Hill’s decision to quit the music industry. That business has exploited, chewed up, or killed countless talented folks. I respect the decision, but I don’t like it. She was the complete package:  great voice, songwriting talent, beautiful… Her departure is all our loss. This is my favorite performance specifically from Hill from The Fugees seminal album, ‘The Score.’ What a great rap.

Enjoy with a wine cooler. You know. Cuz girls drink wine coolers.


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