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The Friday mix: Movie and TV soundtrack music

One of my favorite things to pick up at the library is a movie (or TV show) soundtrack. They are always hand picked tunes, often with a similar sound or feel. I’ve got a ton of songs on my iPod from movie soundtracks. Way more, in fact, than I could put in one mix today, so expect to see more soundtrack mixes in the future. If you have a great soundtrack that isn’t represented here, please let me know about it. Thanks.42-21916038

  1. Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That – Robert Randolph & the Family Band
    Robert Randolph performs perennially at music festivals all over America. If you get a chance to see them, do it. This is a rollicking rock tune with absolutely sick slide guitar. The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ folks found this one and put it on their soundtrack.
  2. Why Can’t I Fall in Love – Ivan Neville
    Remember ‘Pump Up the Volume’ with Christian Slater waaaay back in the day? Well, they found about the only song by any Neville brother I like. Great , soulful song.
  3. Everybody is Someone – Lifehouse
    Here’s another rarity: a Lifehouse song I dig. In fairness, I should mention I haven’t listened to their albums because I haven’t like the singles I’ve heard. The guys who put together the ‘Wicker Park’ soundtrack did, though.
  4. Porpoise Song – The Monkees
    No, really. This is a good song. I don’t know who wrote it, since The Monkees weren’t really a real band, but this one sounds like they were ripping off one of the Rolling Stones’ old psychedelic tunes instead of The Beatles. I had never heard it before it hit the ‘Vanilla Sky’ soundtrack.
  5. Where Do I Begin – Chemical Brothers
    Also from the ‘Vanilla Sky’ soundtrack and my favorite track on the disc. It opens with a beautiful melody and a familiar-to-everyone feeling and crescendos to a really cool dance beat. Funny, Beth Orton tracks often don’t grab me, but I love it when she works with a very modern producer or someone regrooves her songs.
  6. The Equaliser – Clinic
    This one isn’t going to be for everyone, but I love the percussion, whining keyboard, and haunting vocals. I found this one on the ‘Thirteen’ soundtrack.
  7. Move On – Mike Doughty
    OK, so this isn’t really a soundtrack song because it’s from the album ‘Future Soundtrack for America,’ which was basically a protest album against the Bush administration. This is a fantastic song that contains the great line, “I love my country so much, man. Like an exasperating friend.” I actually can’t find the studio version anywhere at the moment. Listen to this live version and see if you can find the studio version.
  8. The Bed’s Too Big Without You – Sting
    This is better than the original, which he has done before (“Shadows in the Rain”). For this one, Sting taps Ranking Roger (English Beat, General Public) to sing with him and he does his thing very well. This was a surprising pick (to me, anyway) from ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs.’ You can’t hear Ranking Roger in this sample, but he rocks.
  9. All I Need – Air French Band
    The folks from ‘Felicity’ found this one for me. This is a patient, pretty song with a modern, Chillout sound and beautiful vocals.
  10. Come Una Pietra Scalciata (Like a Rolling Stone) – Articolo 31
    I like rapping in foreign languages, if it’s well done. There’s something I like about  hearing the vocal rhythms and rhymes without being distracted by the meanings of the words. This is a great use of the old Dylan classic from the ‘Masked and Anonymous’ soundtrack.
  11. Angaju (The Latin Project Remix) – Bebel Gilberto
    More Chillout music and more foreign languages too. This is from Volume 2 of the ‘Six Feet Under’ soundtrack. Great keyboards.
  12. Funky Nassau, Pt. 1 – The Beginning of the End
    The Elizabethtown Vol. 2 soundtrack has this seriously old school funk with cleanly strummed guitar and island horns. The percussionist(s?) keeps this irresistibly danceable.
  13. Dry the Rain – The Beta Band
    John Cusack should be given the task of compiling all movie soundtracks. I love the gems he digs up. This was on the wonderful ‘High Fidelity’ movie and soundtrack.
  14. Time of the Season – Big Blue Missile with Scott Weiland
    Best version of this song ever recorded. Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) rocks the vocal line and the band is heavy.

Enjoy with a $5 coke and the contents of a hip flask. Have a good weekend.


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