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A collection of in-your-face metal and hard rock from Taste of Chaos

I have really enjoyed writing for AltSounds. Lots of readers, interesting comments, free music. The downside has been that I occasionally have to write about music I don’t like. Not that I mind writing a negative review and possibly warning someone away from something they might otherwise have spent money on. It’s just that I’d much rather turn people onto music they might not otherwise have picked up. The last few reviews I’ve done for AltSounds have been for somewhat mediocre music. Today, I’m taking a break from their stuff and writing about something I hope you’ll like.



I have never been to a Taste of Chaos show. I don’t know if you’re familiar with them. They were started in 2005 by Kevin Lyman, the same guy who created the Warped Tour. The Taste of Chaos features serious hardcore metal, screamo, and the like. Not usually my thing. I hit some the metal shows at Bonnaroo, but I don’t think I could do the full two scoops with nothing else. Still, I do like Metal and it’s related sub-genres, so when I saw The Best of The Taste of Chaos at the library, I immediately picked it up.

Well, I do know why I don’t go to the shows. The two-disc set had 36 tracks on it. I ripped 4. That said, the 4 I picked absolutely rocked my face and they’re winners. Check them out.

  • Diamond Ring – Adair
    The hook is a little Poppy, but the guitar growls between sucker punches and the vocals occasionally crescendo into full on throat shredding screams. It’s a good mix of Pop and Metal.
  • Roses for the Dead – Funeral for a Friend
    The drummer pounds the snot out of his kit throughout this song and the guitar alternates between a classic metal arpeggio lick and hard hit chords.
  • Bloody Cape – The Deftones
    This song is all about the chorus for me. I mean, the verses are cool, and you think you know where this song is going, but at the chorus it takes a left and gives you something a little unexpected, which is great.
  • Fell in Love with the Game – Blindside
    This track was already on my iPod, but it’s a rocker so I definitely wanted to include it. The marching guitar and good technical drumming take a back seat to the gutsy performance of this outstanding vocal melody. Cool song.



October 1, 2009 - Posted by | Hard Rock, Metal, Rock

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