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Fantastic Radiohead covers: Jazz, R&B, Electronica

I listened to the coolest CD this morning. Last Wednesday, I wrote up RJD2 and mentioned I was going to look for more of his music. My order came in. Sadly, RJD2’s album, ‘The Third Hand,’ was disappointing. I only liked one song, “Work It Out” (Great video, too).

Great. Great. Great. Do yourself a favor and listen.

Great. Great. Great. Do yourself a favor and listen.

However, I also ordered ‘Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads,’  a tribute album to Radiohead to which RJD2 added a track. They got some other cool acts to contribute to the project too, including The Bad Plus, Sia, Me’Shell Ndegeocello, and others. The great thing about the project is no one bothered to just redo the same song; everyone went somewhere new with his or her chosen track.

6 songs from this disc now have a cozy home on my iPod. Check them out.

I almost pulled Pete Kuzma’s “High & Dry”  but it barely missed the cut. About half of this disc didn’t do much for me but as I listened to these songs again to write up the descriptions I liked them even more.  I am so impressed with how great these versions are. Just on the strength of the 6 I ripped, this is probably the best multi-artist tribute album I’ve heard since ‘I Am Sam.’ Click the links and listen.


September 24, 2009 - Posted by | Chillout, Electronica, Jazz, Lounge, Popular, R&B, Rock

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  1. Hey here’s one more by Thelonious Dub!

    Comment by dosis | August 25, 2010 | Reply

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