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Layered and funky Jams from Rusted Root.

I have a friend who went to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and he turned me on to Rusted Root way back in the day. He encouraged me to come out and see them live some time, but I never made the trip. I didn’t go to Bonnaroo in 2006 when they played. I bet they put on a great show. The energy they exude in the studio is impressive and if it’s 1/4 of their live energy I expect one wouldn’t stop dancing all night.

Thanks. Don't mind if I do.

Thanks. Don't mind if I do.

If you remember them at all, you probably remember “Send Me On My Way” and maybe “Cat Turned Blue” from ‘When I Woke.’ They haven’t had a radio hit since 1995, but they’ve been at it all along.

In 2002, Rusted Root put out their fifth album, ‘Welcome to My Party‘ and I happened to pick this one up. There’s nothing as joyful as ‘Send Me on My Way’ but their songwriting hasn’t lost a step. They have 7 members and they’re able to put out a lot of sound, particularly the percussion, which is relentless on nearly every song. The sound is busy throughout and each of their many members adds their own color.  Michael Glabicki’s distinctive wail is as wrenching as ever. I pulled three tracks from this release to my iPod. Check them out.

  • Union 7 – As funky as anything from their first album. They’ve got the wah pedal going on a clean acoustic guitar, a little tabla in the background, and soulful backing vocals. This is my favorite song on this release.
  • Women got My Money – The vocal performance here is intense. He seems genuinely distraught as he wails about the women who got his money.
  • People of My Village – This whole song is the great guitar riff. Don’t get me wrong, the vocals are cool too, but the jangling guitar drives this song.

I didn’t realize until today how much music Rusted Root has released and I’m unfamiliar with a lot of it. I like what I have, though, so I’ll have to dig a little deeper.



September 21, 2009 - Posted by | Jam Bands, Popular, Rock

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