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Fat, appealing Pop from Sondre Lerche

While my love for this album isn’t “deeper than the fjords of his homeland” as one cheese monger on Amazon put it, I do find the writing, production, and overall songsmithing onNorwegian artist Sondre Lerche’s debut, ‘Faces Down’ to be impressive and very appealing.

A boy named Sondre

A boy named Sondre

Sondre Lerche grew up in Norway, listening to American and British Pop ranging from The Beach Boys to a-ha. He was discovered by Norwegian producer H.P. Gundersen while playing an acoustic gig at a bar where his sister worked (he was underage). Gundersen mentored Lerche, broadening his musical horizons and helping him get signed by Virgin Norway. Lerche’s first album came out in 2002, a couple weeks after his 20th birthday.

If I had to pick one artist of whom I am most reminded when I listen to Sondre Lerche, it would probably be early David Bowie, though it may be mostly his voice that makes me think of Bowie. The melodies are very simple, for the most part, and very hummable. It’s well produced as well, resulting in a very engaging album. I pulled these 5 tracks onto my iPod.

  • Dead Passengers – This one is sort of the title track. Very catchy, even with what sounds like a Theremin solo. I love the background vocals.
  • Suffused with Love – The melodies on this album are fantastic. Here is another fat Pop hook and he pairs it with cool lyrics. He likes the Theremin.
  • Modern Nature – I actually heard this one on the radio for a week or two. It’s kind of annoying, but God help me somehow I like it.
  • No One’s Gonna Come – This sounds like an old Bowie tune. Strings back his groaning alto during the verses, but the chorus picks up the energy a bit.
  • Things You Call Fate – At 9:22, this song is perhaps too long. The first half of the songs is pretty good, but halfway through it jumps into this irresistible acoustic groove with playground sounds in the background. Sadly, the clip on YouTube is a couple minutes from the beginning of the song, so you don’t get to hear my favorite part. Oh, and there’s more Theremin.

Lerche just released a new album, Heartbeat Radio. I just got it yesterday and I haven’t actually listened to it yet. So Lerche may get another post soon, but I really liked his debut and I think you might too, so that gets the space today.



September 17, 2009 - Posted by | Popular

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