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Outstanding Funk/R&B/Hip Hop from RJD2

I have had songs by RJD2 in my collection for quite a while, but oddly he sort of flew under my own radar on my iPod. I think it might be because I could never get his name to stick in my head. R2D2 is what I keep coming up with (The nickname RJD2 was used by a friend in his raps and it stuck). Whenever one of these songs comes on in my car, my wife checks to see who it is and I was often doing the same thing. I sat down this morning and listened to all the stuff I have by him and decided to A) write him up, and B) order a bunch of his other music.

Heavy, deep, and deftly layered. Winner.

Heavy, deep, and deftly layered. Winner.

Ramble John Krohn was born in Oregon and raised in Columbus, OH. He signed with the record label Definitive Jux and released his first album, Deadringer, in 2002. Since then he’s been incredibly prolific, having released 4 albums, 2 EPs, 6 mix albums, 4 instrumental albums, 18 singles, and worked on 9 collaborations. That’s seven years worth of work, kids. Amazing. I had even heard some of his stuff in other places without realizing it. He contributed to the Nightmare Revisited album, which compiled covers of the music from Nightmare Before Christmas (BRILLIANT), and a Radiohead tribute album

His 2004 release, ‘Since We Last Spoke,’ is a great effort and a good introduction to his work. Check out my three favorites.

  • Ring Finger – This is a deep piece that ranges from slamming Electronica to delicate Spanish ballad. I actually can’t tell what language the female vocalists is singing in, but the Flamenco guitar at the beginning makes me guess Spanish. The production and instrumentation – particularly the keyboards – are outstanding.
  • Someone’s Second Kiss – The percussion is mixed right up front, more prominently even than the dreamy vocals, which are sung in a soulful falsetto. Krohn is an outstanding producer and the flourishes of guitar, keys, and other effects are perfectly placed.
  • One Day – Clear piano, handclaps, and flute back up this great R&B tune. Again, beautifully mixed.

As I said, I’ve ordered more of his music. If I had to guess, I’d say I’ll be writing up more of his music in the future. Stay tuned.



September 16, 2009 - Posted by | Chillout, Electronica, Hip Hop, Popular, R&B

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