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Evocative and relaxing Baroque music from Tomaso Albinoni

One thing I have written very little about since I started this blog is classical music. I don’t know that people come her for classical music recommendations, but then if you’re here, you’re interested in music at large so I’ll write about what I like.

I have a great fondness for Baroque music. I like the mathematical structure of the layered arpeggios, the stately, soaring beauty of the melodies. I love Antonio Vivaldi, Domenico Scarlatti, and J.S. Bach. My very favorite composer is Georg Phillipp Telemann, but that’s now who I’m writing about today. Today I want to recommend a disc by composer Tomaso Albinoni (1671 – 1751).

For years and years I collected CDs. I had a pretty impressive wall full of them, to the point that I had to get rid of a bunch of jewel cases and start keeping the CDs in sleeves so I could fit them all on my wall. I finally decided that I just had to rip all of my CDs into iTunes and move the CDs in to storage. While I had been ripping all of my Pop/Rock and my Jazz to my iPod, I had never ripped any Classical, so now I was faced with the task of ripping all of my Classical music. Oog.

Fix it.

Fix it.

I basically immersed myself in my Classical collection and listened to almost every piece from every disc I own. The process has taken a long time but now I have a mix of dramatic Classical (with Grieg’s Peer Gynt, Holst’s The Planets, etc.) and a mix of relaxing Classical. This is where I’ve placed Albinoni. One particularly great disc is a collection from EMI Classics of his concertos and sonatas called — wait for it —  Concertos & Sonatas.

One of the things I love about Concertos & Sonatas is the broad range of pieces on it. Albinoni was known as a composer of opera back in his day but it is his instrumental music that is popular now. He wrote pieces for trumpet and harpsichord, pieces for full orchestra, pieces for oboe and chamber orchestra. A wide variety is represented on this disc. The tempos range from grave to allegro and are in major and minor keys. This disc also features a many different musicians, some of whom, like Maurice Andre (trumpet) and Pierre Pierlot (oboe), are pretty famous.

I didn’t bother looking for any of these on YouTube, but if you go to check out some samples, pay attention to:

  • Sonata A Cinque Op. 2 in G Minor
  • Concerto for 2 Trumpets in C
  • Oboe Concerto Op.7
  • Concerto “San Marco” for Trumpet

These pieces have multiple movements, but they’re all good. I wound up ripping 16 of the 22 tracks to my iPod. The tracks are $0.99 apiece on Amazon, but you can download the whole release for $7.99, which I think is a bargain.


September 9, 2009 - Posted by | Classical

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