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Friday’s mix: The voices of women

I’m in the mood for women today. I got 4 different women in a row on my iPod the other day and I thought that would be a good mix: some of my favorite female artists. I started going through the alphabet and was able to pull 13 great artsts just from the As an Bs. So here is the first in what may be a 13 part series of mixes of outstanding women.

  1. Abra Moore – Four Leaf Clover
    You might remember this song. I think it got a fair amount of radio play back in the day. I always thought she was going to be bigger. This song is nearly Bubblegum Pop but it’s so catchy I just can’t help myself.

    I love women.

    I love women.

  2. Aimee Mann – How Am I Different?
    Back in her Til Tuesday days, you might not have expected Aimee Mann to have the depth and staying power she has shown. She is the real deal, though. Great voice, deep lyrics, and a wonderful writer of melodies.
  3. Alanna Davis – 32 Flavors
    Her smoky and sultry voice reminds me of Sade. In fact, this whole song could be Sade, but it’s a little more upbeat. She does an outstanding cover of “Can’t Find My Way Home,” if you’re interested.
  4. Alice Smith – Do I
    This is a fantastic, oozy R&B tune. Listen at least until the chorus. You’ll know the part I’m talking about.
  5. Amerie – 1 Thing (feat. Eve)
    I’m not usually a fan of modern Pop, especially when the look and the dancing are so prominent a part of the product. I don’t have anything else on my iPod by Amerie and I don’t particularly like Eve, but my wife turned me onto this song and I absolutely love it.
  6. Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me
    Train wreck. I know. Crazy talented, though. This isn’t her best song, but it might be her funniest and it’s a great groove.
  7. Angelique Kidjo – Give It Up
    If you’re a regular reader, you know I have a fondness for West African Pop. Here is one of my favorites. On one of my previous mixes I recommended her outstanding cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child.”  Both of these songs, incidentally, are on the same album, Oremi, and I recommend it. In fact, I’ll probably dedicate a post to it.
  8. Ani DiFranco – Wish I May
    Ani DiFranco is one of those rare artists whose music I love but who I don’t think I would like to have a beer with. Not that she would give a shit, of course. I have no idea what the footage is that someone paired with this song on YouTube.
  9. Beth Orton – Best Bit
    I like the way her voice cracks sometimes. It adds a lot of soul. And speaking of soul, here she is hopping in a car with Satan.
  10. Bettye Lavette – Joy
    I’ve written about Lavette before. Love her. If I hadn’t already recommended Aimee Mann’s own version of “How Am I Different?” I would have posted Lavette’s version. Instead, here is a Lucinda Williams cover. She is awesome.
  11. The Bird and the Bee – Again and Again
    Singer Inara George is the daughter of a founding member of Little Feat and a great artist. This light, airy song is pretty and catchy. If it isn’t your speed, check out Genius,  a solo song of Inara’s.
  12. Bjork – Come to Me
    I know I’m not going to introduce anyone to Bjork or change your mind if you’re not a fan, but I love Bjork. Of all her songs after she left the Sugar Cubes, I think this is the Bjorkiest.
  13. The Breeders – Sinister Foxx
    Ah, the delicious Kim Deal. I have a thing for smart women and she seems like one. Love her artistic integrity too. “Has anyone seen the iguana?”

Enjoy with a beer you just got me from the kitchen. KIDDING! I’m kidding. Sheesh.


September 4, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Indie, Jam Bands, Mix CD, Popular, R&B, Rock, World Music


  1. Honestly, I think *you’re* the Bjorkiest. Let me know how your beer command works out for you…

    Comment by Jenifer | September 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. Love the site. We’re adding you to our blogroll. Keep pushing the unheard stuff!

    Comment by The Ripple Effect | September 5, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank you very kindly. I appreciate the feedback and the readership.

      Comment by missedmusic | September 5, 2009 | Reply

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