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Accessible Scottish/Irish Pop from Snow Patrol

There is an excellent chance you have heard of Snow Patrol. They released 5 albums, including their debut in 1998, some of which have sold millions of copies. They have been the musical guests on Saturday Night Live (Julia Louise Dreyfus),  had a song on the Spiderman 3 soundtrack, and toured with Coldplay.

This is one of the biggest albums EVER in Ireland.

This is one of the biggest albums EVER in Ireland.

Snow Patrol’s members are from Ireland and Scottland and they are hugely popular there. In fact, their 2006 release, ‘Eyes Open,’ is one of the best selling albums of all time in Ireland and has been on the charts continuously since its release. They’re starting to break through in the U.S. too. ‘Eyes Open’ has gone platinum, in the U.S., breaking the 1,000,000 mark. For all their success and popularity, they have always been very hit or miss with me. Sometimes they range into a very watered down Pop sound that loses me. That said, today I want to recommend a few Snow Patrol songs where their native Pop sound doesn’t get out of control and they maintain my interest.

Here are four songs off two albums. If you like these, they have 3 other albums.

  • Shut Your Eyes – From ‘Eyes Open,’ this is a vamping, electric tune that sound like Semisonic meets Meets Broken Social Scene.
  • It’s Beginning to Get to Me – Also from ‘Eyes Open.’ Solid straight-ahead Pop music. Some synthesized strings and a jangling guitar riff at the chorus make this so catchy I’m surprised I haven’t heard it on the radio. Maybe I listen to the wrong stations.
  • Lifeboats – This one is from ‘A Hundred Million Suns,’ and is my favorite Snow Patrol song. If I had to say who it reminds me of, maybe Alan Parsons, but hipper.
  • Engines – Also from ‘A Hundred Million Suns.’ I like the vocal hook that anchors this song. It’s a little repetitive, but the song succeeds, I think, because of the sweet lyrics and heavy production.



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