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Still solid Pop from Evan Dando (of The Lemonheads)

Funny thing about Evan Dando. I don’t talk to many people who are indifferent to his work. You either really like The Lemonheads or you can’t stand them (or you’ve never heard of them if you’re young). I always liked The Lemonheads. “It’s a Shame About Ray,” their cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson,” “Into Your Arms…” I like Dando’s voice and he writes very appealing Pop hooks. They also choose some pretty cool songs to cover. For example, I always thought “Knowing Me Knowing You” by Abba was a crappy song until I heard Evan Dando cover it.

Baby, I'm begging you to pan my album.

Baby, I'm begging you to pan my album.

The Lemonheads broke up for about 6 years. They have re-formed, but Dando is the only original member in the line-up. During their hiatus, Dando released a couple of albums, including a good one in 2003 called ‘Baby I’m Bored.’ Now, if you are going to release an album with that name, it had better be interesting or the bad reviews just write themselves. I found this release interesting. He didn’t just mail in Pop hooks, though there are plenty of those. He also takes some chances with the arrangements and production on a few tunes.

If you’re like my wife and can’t stand The Lemonheads, I don’t recommend you bother listening to this one. It is unmistakably Evan Dando’s sound, style, and songwriting. If, however, you were a fan but let this release get by you, give a listen to these three tracks and consider picking up the album. You will like it, I think.

  • Repeat – A pounding guitar riff and syncopated percussion in the verses give way to a pleasant and catchy chorus.
  • My Idea – In spite of what I said about him doing some interesting and different work on this album, he does several like this: straight-ahead acoustic Pop hooks. This one reminds me of “My Drug Buddy” or maybe “The Outdoor Type.” It’s not groundbreaking, but I did say I’m a fan of his style.
  • Waking Up – So here’s one that is atypical of Dando and is my favorite on this album. A big, slamming piano riff and some weird vocals are at the core of the song. There is plenty of noise mixed in post-production to give it more texture and the handclaps are typically irresistible.

The Lemonheads have released a new album in 2009 called Varshons. I just learned about it a few minutes ago and I’ve ordered it. I’ll let you know…



August 26, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Classic Rock, Popular, Rock

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