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The Friday mix: Dance music

This has been the mildest summer I can remember here in the Midwest. It only finally got hot in earnest in the last couple weeks.  Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in…bare feet? Anyway, here is a compilation of some upbeat songs with a great, infectious rhythm. I hope you like.

Dance like nobody's watching.

Dance like nobody's watching.

  1. Tonight – Basement Jaxx/Phoebe
    A mix of Spanish and Asian flavors adds spice to the already cool melody.
  2. Cliffs [Remix] – Alarm Will Sound
    This is an Alarm Will Sound retread of an Aphex Twin song. Maybe it’s not real danceable, but I like the funky production and the non-percussive sounds used as percussion.
  3. Chorando Sim – Almeidinha do el Gringo
    I love the crystal clear vocal performance and the great percussion. Why someone chose to set this song to a collage of Frank Frazetta art on YouTube I don’t know.
  4. Time After Time – Amel Larrieux/Towa Tei/Viv
    This is a pure dance party song and is perhaps the poppiest song I like. It’s undeniably cool, though.
  5. Purify – Balligomingo
    Breathy vocals + ethereal production+ great harmony at the chorus X a danceable beat = winner.
  6. Won’t Talk About It – Beats International
    There are a couple different versions of this song. I went to YouTube looking for a different version, but I like this (the Norman Cook remix) even better.
  7. Aganju (The Latin Project Remix) – Bebel Gilberto
    The lovely Bebel Gilberto given this dance club makeover. The original is mellower and prettier, if you like the melody but not the dance beat.
  8. Sea Groove – Big Boss Man
    Off the brilliant Outernational Sound album, I believe this is a Thievery Corp remix of a Big Boss Man song. Thievery Corp’s got the beats.
  9. Hotel – Broken Social Scene
    This is not really a dance club song nor would you expect to hear Broken Social Scene in a club, necessarily. I think this song works here, though.
  10. Chico’s Groove – The Chemical Brothers
    Instrumental and complexly layered. I love the 15 different things they do with this great groove.
  11. Busy Child – The Crystal Method
    I defy you to stay in your seat when this song comes on. It can’t be done. The first 5 seconds of this video show promise, then it becomes Top Gun. Alright, the jets are kind of cool, too.
  12. Deadweight – Beck
    I believe this was only released on the Life Less Ordinary soundtrack. Given that the movie wasn’t very big nor was there much great music on the soundtrack, it’s kind of a lost Beck tune. It’s a good one too. I guess they thought this would help them sell more copies.
  13. Express Yourself (Mocean Worker Remix) – Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
    This was from the Mr. and Mrs. Smith soundtrack when Pitt and Jolie were beating the crap out of each other. Funny use of a great song. This updated version is an improvement, too.
  14. Digital Love [Boris Dlugosch Remix] – Daft Punk
    Such a joyful hook. This is my favorite Daft Punk tune. I’m not sure this is the official video, though the characters do seem to be singing along at times.

Enjoy with a tall glass of ice water to cool you off after shredding that rug.


August 21, 2009 - Posted by | Chillout, Electronica, Mix CD, Popular, R&B, Rock

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