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Great collaborative Pop from DJ / producer Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim isn’t Norman Quentin Cook’s real name. But then Norman Quentin Cook wasn’t his real name either, though it is now. He was born Quentin Leo Cook but legally changed his name. (Which is strange. If you’re going to go to the trouble of changing your name, wouldn’t you go with something really different?) And he isn’t Fatboy Slim anymore, either, apparently. Now he performs as Brighton Port Authority. It’s like he’s trying to shake us off his tail.

I have listened to a lot of Fatboy Slim albums, but not much of his work has grabbed me. I like the whole DJ scene and a lot of talented DJs have put out music I like. DJ Shadow, for example.  Zero 7,  a couple of producers/DJs from the UK, is another. The ear and mixing skills needed for DJing help people, I think, when they’re picking songs to do and artists to work with. They also often make DJs good producers so the sound is lush. I guess that’s why I kept on picking up Fatboy Slim albums even though he wasn’t knocking me out.

Phat sounds from the Witness Protection Program

Phat sounds from the Witness Protection Program

Well, my persistence paid off when I ran across Fatboy Slim’s 2004 release, Palookaville.  This is a bit of a departure for FS, which I guess is why I like it more. There are fewer loops and sampling than in a lot of his previous work, and more live instruments and collaborations on songs. A few of the tracks do nothing for me at all, but some are great. Here are my three favorites.

  • Wonderful Night – This irresistible dance tune features Lateef, who both sings nicely and drops some impressive flow.
  • Long Way from Home – Funky verses give way to a pleasingly jangling guitar riff and a poppy vocal hook in the chorus. This video was an editing assignment for some student and she (?) did a nice job with it.
  • Put It Back Together – Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz adds his voice to this catchy, vocally layered song. This video features some of the sickest (in a good way) footage I’ve ever seen from extreme sports, by the way.

All three of these are top notch winners I’m always happy to hear come up on my iPod. Hopefully, Fatboy Slim will continue in this direction musically and we can expect more work of this caliber in the future.



August 13, 2009 - Posted by | Electronica, Hip Hop, Popular, Rock

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