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Mellow Indie music with interest from The Sea and Cake

I wrote up Sam Prekop back in February. He is a member of The Sea and Cake, an Indie music outfit that had released 8 albums over the last 15 years. One of my problems with a lot of Indie music is so much of it is so gentle as to be soporific. That was my complaint with The Sea and Cake albums I had heard. Back in February, I said, “You may or may not have heard of The Sea and Cake. I’ve listened to a couple of their CDs and, to be honest, they didn’t do a whole lot for me. The songs weren’t mellow so much as sleepy and, I’m sorry to say, kind of dull. That’s why I was surprised at how much I like the solo release from Sam Prekop, their guitarist and singer.”

It's like a Red Bull and vodka.

It's like a Red Bull and vodka.

The release in question was ‘Who’s Your New Professor?’ and it was a winner. I kind of thought his releasing a solo effort meant the end of The Sea and Cake, but I was wrong. They have put out two albums since then and I am happy to report that as a band, they have moved musically in Sam’s direction. Their 2007 release ‘Everybody’ is more like Prekop’s solo albums than any previous The Sea and Cake albums I have heard (though I will admit to any fans of the band that I haven’t heard them all). The music is mellow but interesting, soothing but dynamic. It’s a delicate line they tread but they manage to keep the smooth feel they’re known for while playing songs of interest and energy.

I liked 5 of the songs well enough to make room for them on my iPod. Check them out and maybe the rest of this release, if you like them. It’s an album that is good to put on and listen to straight through, because they keep this groove throughout and never throw in anything too jarring or too sleepy.

  • Up On Crutches – This solid Pop song has “Track 1” written all over it with the broad, catchy acoustic guitar intro and the funky rhythm of the vocal melody.
  • Too Strong – Neither the sections with commanding synthesized bass nor the staccato percussion disturb the easygoing feel of this song.
  • Middlenight – One of the things I like about this album is that you can actually understand almost everything Prekop sings. It’s a good thing on this track because the lyrics are evocative and cool.
  • Coconut – I was going to recommend this song anyway, so I was delighted when I discovered it on YouTube with this imaginative and imminently watchable video.
  • Lightning – Sam Prekop’s breathy alto and plucked clean electric guitar lead this song. I like the rhythm games the drummer plays, moving the beat ahead a half count every now and then.

They released a follow-up to this one, Car Alarm, in October of 2008. I haven’t heard it yet, but it’s in the queue.



August 10, 2009 - Posted by | Chillout, Indie

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