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Music you didn’t know you needed…until now.

The Friday mix: Hopefully antiviral

Ah, vacation. What could be better than being on vacation? Maybe being on vacation and not having a chest cold. I have tried to pretend I’m not sick so I can enjoy my week off, but my body doesn’t seem to believe me. I just wasn’t in the mood this week for dance music or Metal. Here is some low energy stuff to soothe my mind while my body tries to shake this damn virus.

  1. Lifeboats – Snow Patrol
    This is a beautiful and relaxing tune from this Irish / Scottish band. I love the synth in the middle.
  2. Summer’s Coming – Sean Watkins
    Sean Watkins is the guy from Nickle Creek. The chorus has more energy than the verses, but I still find this a pretty, relaxing song.
  3. Ours  – Sugar Ray
    These guys like punk music and occasionally play it. You can always find a punk tune or two on their albums, but they really have great talent for writing a Pop melody. This song about a two-timing girl is a perfect example.
  4. Audience of One – The Swords
    A mostly instrumental tune that builds and rolls through several changes. I like the use of all the strings and woodwinds and the very simple but dominating keyboard line.
  5. Playground Love – Air
    Here is a nice track that made the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. This one is genuinely soothing.
  6. Morning – Amel Larrieux
    Amel Larrieux usually plays a more energetic brand of mainstream Pop, but she really lays back on this one
  7. The Lengths – The Black Keys
    These guys are the best thing to come out of Akron, OH since the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Dan Auerbach’s guitar positively weeps on this soulful ballad.
  8. A Little Warm Death – Cassandra Wilson
    The little death” is apparently orgasm — I suppose because men are giving away a little life…? Anyway, this is a sweet and creepy little love song. Cassandra Wilson is a fantastic Jazz singer and, incidentally, the first concert my daughter ever saw.
  9. The Maker – Daniel Lanois
    I am not alone in being moved by this beautiful song because there are about 50 versions of people covering it on YouTube.
  10. Time Is – Dave Elliot
    I have never heard a single other song from this guy, but I should look for some because I love this one. It’s pretty even before he starts in with the 3-part harmony.
  11. Stone Me – G. Love
    Not the high-energy romp of Rodeo Clowns. This is a quiet, acoustic love song of sorts. Or I suppose it’s another lament about a girl who done him wrong.
  12. Nicest Thing – Kate Nash
    This is an absolutely heartbreaking song of longing, if not obsession. It’s a touching expression of love, but I have to say I’m glad no one ever wrote a song like this about me. That I know of.
  13. Wednesday (No Se Apoye) – Mike Doughty
    Mike Doughty was about the hippest guy on the planet back in his Soul Coughing days. He’s still pretty cool, but he does more of the singer/songwriter thing now than the “deep slacker jazz” Soul Coughing was known for. He’s still making good music, though, and I really like this ballad.
  14. River Man – Nick Drake
    If you haven’t heard of Nick Drake, his is an interesting story. He was a skilled, pensive songwriter and performer who suffered from insomnia and depression throughout his short life. He worked in relative obscurity until his death in 1974 at age 26 of an overdose of a prescribed antidepressant. It wasn’t until a retrospective was released in 1979 that people started to notice him. Now he is quite the cult figure and is cited as an influence by some top name acts.
  15. Dream Some – Shelby Lynne
    “Did you miss me?” What can I say? I like this sappy tune about reuniting with a lover who’s been away.
  16. Messages – Xavier Rudd
    A friend of mine turned me on to Xavier Rudd. This existential piece is typical of his style, with skilled technical playing, thoughtful lyrics, and his soothing alto. Thanks, Jenny.

Enjoy with Nyquil and Sudafed. “I’m high as a kite and my teeth are green. Merry f***ing Christmas!”


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