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Rough and ready Hard Rock from Coinmonster

I have written about a few bands who never quite broke through and the band members have more or less gone back to their day jobs. Today’s pick, Coinmonster, appears to be such a story. They seem to have almost made it. They’ve had a few tunes on TV, having gotten tracks picked for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Six Feet Under. Their MySpace page says “Coinmonster is just sleeping,” which I guess leaves the door open for them to re-form should commercial opportunities present themselves. It looks like the last entry on their page was in May of 2009, but their last release was in 2002, so it’s tough to say whether they’re done, pausing, or in full swing.

Coinmonster! Wake up!

Coinmonster! Wake up!

Personally, I would like very much to see them stay at it. Their music is cool, inventive, and rough around the edges. I’ve seen these guys likened to Primus, but I don’t hear very much of that. Their 1995 release, Guido el Sorrio has songs that are experimental and atonal, songs that make you want to bang your head, and, I will admit, a couple songs that make me skip to the next track. On the whole, though, I really like this release. You will too, if you check out these three samples:

Hemoboat – This song takes a couple minutes before it punches you in the nose and the guys at Amazon didn’t listen to this song before picking out the sample. By about 1 ½ minutes in, it sounds like Alice in Chains. By 2 ½ minutes, it sounds like Queens of the Stone Age. It rocks.
Low Profile Car – They strike just the right balance of atonal and accessible in this one. Listen to the sample and you can hear the lead in to the chorus is repetitive and nasty, but it really sets up the chorus itself, which is has the low rider feel the title suggests.
Hey Sport – The best track on the album. Listen to the sample and you’ll want more. Love the bass line.

A lot of this album rocks harder than the tracks I picked out here. Click around the rest of the album and you’ll see what I mean. Hit their MySpace page too and listen to the streaming tracks. Good stuff.



July 28, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Hard Rock, Metal, Rock

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