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Cosmopolitan Electronica / Dance from Brazilian Girls

So back in March, I wrote up Brazilian Girls’ debut release and encouraged you to go check out the rest of their catalog. But did you listen? Today I’m going to get a little more specific. They released their third album, New York City, in August of 2008 and not surprisingly, it’s a winner too.

You get some unexpected results when you search for "Brazilian Girls" on YouTube. Well, maybe I should have expected it.

You get some unexpected results when you search for "Brazilian Girls" on YouTube. Well, maybe I should have expected it.

There is an old adage among musicians: You have your whole life to write your first album and 6 months to write your second. This is why sophomore efforts are so often disappointing. By the third album, a lot of artists get their groove back. They’re getting more comfortable as songwriters and getting to know each other better. It feels like these guys are very much hitting their stride. Some songs are very daring. They are confident enough to write some odd grooves, but the personality of the performers carries the pieces and makes them work.

I have not had this disc as long as I’ve had their first one, but I ripped 5 tracks from it and I’m getting to know them better. Give a listen.

  • St. Petersburg – A simple song with uncomplicated but driving percussion, a catchy vocal hook… and whistling!
  • Good Time – This reminds me of some 80’s New Wave pseudo-hit, but I’ll be damned if I can remember which one. Is this a remake? If you recognize what I’m thinking of, PLEASE leave a comment and relieve this pressure right behind my eyes. It’s a silly, superficial little song, but it’s fun and as infectious as bird flu.
  • Nouveau American – I can’t put my finger on what it is about this song that I like. It’s not very melodic. I think it’s the frantic percussion and tense lyrics; they create a strange but somehow compelling energy.
  • L’Interprete – After the last spooky dance track, a palette-cleansing ballad. Lead vocalist Sabina Sciubba sings lovely song in Portuguese, I think. It’s a pretty melody accompanied by acoustic instruments. Sadly, I could only find a clip of this song on ArtistDirect.com, since the studio version isn’t on YouTube. However, here is a fascinating film of them actually writing this song.
  • Internacional – Great, busy percussion, whispering organ, and a West-African vocalist to augment Miss Sciubba’s already cosmopolitan flavor. Cool track.
  • I Want Out – They spin an undeniably eerie groove for us here. It’s not pretty, but it is kind of funky. I could see them dropping this between a couple of high-energy tracks during a show.

Their MySpace page is just like their official site, except they also stream audio from MySpace.


July 14, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Electronica, Popular

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