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Friday’s mix: Some Chillout Jazz for a cool July weekend

We’ve had unseasonably cool weather here in the 216 so far this July and I have no complaints. When the temp and humidity both get above 90, I want to hurt myself, but don’t have the energy. The forecast looks like it’s staying cool for the foreseeable future (meaning the next 36 hours) and I’m not going to rock the boat. I haven’t broken out any Jazz for a while, so today I took a stroll through my Jazz collection and found some stuff that is relaxing without being sleepy. Don’t worry. I’m not going to drop any Easy Listening on you.

  1. Daytime TV – Alison Brown
    This track reminds me of Stephan Grapelli or maybe David Grisman. It lopes along though several guitar, flute, and mandolin solos as easily as an afternoon with its namesake.
  2. Grey’s Groove – Greyboy featuring Karl Denson
    A little Jazz flute with a Latin feel. And you know I’m a sucker for horns. Nice.
  3. Our Cousin Frank – James Hardway
    I was sure I had recommended this song before, but I couldn’t find it where I track these things. Anyway, this one follows nicely from Grey’s Groove, with high-tech percussion featured prominently and more flute, this time with a little more structure, as the flutes sound sampled, not soloing. You don’t get much from this clip, but it isn’t on YouTube.
  4. Son of Neckbone – Beastie Boys
    Yes. The Beasties. These guys are very versatile and steeped in a variety of other styles. This instrumental is funky but not heavy.
  5. Piglet’s Lament – Beat Down Sound
    This has a more modern Jazz feel to it, like Medeski, Martin & Wood, maybe. Easy electric piano noodles right alongside the funky bass. Even the experimental scratchy weirdness which takes over for a minute doesn’t get too far outside.
  6. My French Brother – Bobby Hughes Expeience
    A trilling flute riff and some female voices form a wet sonic backdrop for the Hammond organ to solo around in.
  7. Crumble – Calexico42-21859524
    This is off my favorite Calexico album, Feast of Wire. I love the oozy riff the woodwinds set up for the ballsy trumpet and trombone solos and other supporting brass.
  8. You Asked, I Came – Don Was
    Yes. Don Was of Was Not Was and Orquestra Was. This is from the Backbeat score, not the Backbeat soundtrack with all the Beatles covers, and it’s a fantastic jazz album. Fantastic. Follow the link, scroll down, and listen to the first sample. If you like Jazz, you should buy this disc as it is still one of my favorite Jazz albums.
  9. Watermelon Island – Eldar Djangirov
    Djangirov can turn handsprings on the keyboard and this is an amazing performance. The band backing him is tight as well. The energy gets a little high for this mix, perhaps, but it’s such a great song.
  10. Latazz – The Funky Lowlives
    This track is almost entirely percussion-based, but it’s a nice groove that just cruises once the clean guitar starts soloing.
  11. Mucci’s Jag M.K. LL – Joey Altruda
    My thanks to the guys who compiled the Swingers soundtrack for finding this one. Again, a smooth Bossa Nova sounding beat and an expressive, throaty sax solo.
  12. Smoke – Medeski, Martin & Wood
    A lot of their stuff gets pretty far outside and a lot of other stuff gets some frantic engergy going. This one gets pretty big, but the bass maintains the cool groove.
  13. Redencion – Orlando Cachaito Lopez
    The legendary Cachaito. You might know him from the Buena Vista Social Club, but he’s been at it a long time. This is a slow song, but it crackles with energy as the full band tries to lay back and make room for the brilliant solos.
  14. How Much Does Zimbabwe? – Shadowfax
    These old-school New Age guys could actually lay it down live. A sax does most of the talking, but the whole band swings it for this one. If you pursue this, make sure you get the live track. The studio version is much flatter.

Enjoy with a couple mojitos. That ought to chill you right out.


July 10, 2009 - Posted by | Jazz, Mix CD


  1. If I didn’t know you better, I’d really have to crack on you for dissing “Easy Listening.” Isn’t there a place for all genres in the vast continuum moods and musical expression?… Oh wait, I think I am. 🙂

    Comment by Valorie Prulhiere | July 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. There is certainly room for all forms and genres of music in the world — except Easy Listening. That shit has to go.

    Comment by missedmusic | July 17, 2009 | Reply

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