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The Friday mix: Old Rock. Fresh ain’t necessarily better.

I have a friend who refuses to watch black and white movies. He pulls a face whenever I mention some old classic and I can never convince him they didn’t invent good movies in the 1940’s. The same is true of the hard rock song, of course. Today, I strolled back through my music list and listened to some old stuff. Some is as young as a dozen years; other stuff is 30 or more years old.

  1. Satan is My Master – Ben Folds Five
    This song cracks me up. Ignore the first and last minute of this video. Nicholas Blair Studios, who posted the only copy of this song on YouTube, bookended the actual funny song with a bunch of crap. It’s a joke. A novelty track, but I think it’s a good way to kick off a hard rock mix. You can buy the 1:31 song here.
  2. Defense and Desire – Blues Traveler
    The video’s a little silly, but I think this song rocks. In fact, this is off of my favorite BT album, Save His Soul, though most of my friends prefer Travelers and Thieves.
  3. Crash and Burn – April Wine
    Going back to 1981 for this one. My brother bought this album and used to spin it a lot. Much of the music is embarrassingly dated, but this one holds up, I think. Great album cover.
  4. Uncomplicated – Elvis Costello
    Damn, he used to be cool. I like the pounding, atonal guitar and his spirited vocal performance.
  5. In The Meantime – Spacehog
    God help me, I always liked this song. It’s a great Pop hook and his vocal delivery is interesting. I kind of wondered why these guys never made it really big. Then I watched how weird the lead singer is in this live performance.
  6. Nearly Lost You – Screaming Trees
    Where a man is a man · And the children dance to the Pipes of Pan.

    Where a man is a man · And the children dance to the Pipes of Pan.

    “If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.” – Jack Handey

  7. Go Tell the Congregation – Black Crowes
    I almost wrote up the Crowes’ latest release, Warpaint, yesterday. They have stumbled once or twice throughout their long career (Three Snakes and One Charm was NOT a good album) but they really have never lost the ability to produce a nuts-squeezing rocker like this great track from By Your Side.
  8. Stone Cold Crazy (Trent Reznor Mix) –Queen
    Metallica does a creditable job with this old Queen song, but they basically play it straight. This Reznor remix is heavier, and the vocals and guitar are better than Metallica, so I prefer this one. I don’t remember where I got this track. I think I pulled it off of Napster way back in the day. I hope you can find it somewhere.
  9. The La La Song – Zebra
    Most people remember Who’s Behind the Door by these guys and that’s a great song. This one was slightly more obscure but every bit as good, I think.
  10. Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe – Whale
    Remember this track? I bet you remember the video. This is from 1995. I felt it was older. I guess it’s just me.
  11. Charlie Brown’s Parents – Dishwalla
    This was the best song off Pet Your Friends, though Counting Blue Cars went higher on the charts.
  12. Violet Eyes – Meat Puppets
    These guys came a long way from their sound in the early days. The fuzzy guitar is relentless here, but the vocal harmonies are still unmistakable. It’s not on YouTube and you can’t buy the single from Amazon. To hear a sample, scroll down on this page. It’s track #1.
  13. Hey Dude – Kula Shaker
    I like their song Govinda Jaya better, but this one rocks out more.
  14. Into the Night – Sweet
    I remember reading an interview with these guys where they said they always felt they should have been bigger than they were, or at least gotten more credit. It’s a hell of a thing to say about yourself, but I happen to agree with them. They released 2 albums in 1974. Sweet Fanny Adams and Desolation Boulevard, but the former was not released in the U.S., I think and they scrambled up the tracks between the two countries. Desolation Boulevard was a great, great album.

Enjoy with some Macallan scotch that is at least a dozen years old. Have a great holiday weekend!


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