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Solid post-Grunge Hard Rock from Fuel

One of the benefits of perusing the shelves at the library is I pick up and listen to discs I would never purchase. I have heard of the band Fuel because of their hits Shimmer and Falls on Me. I can’t stand either of those songs because they’re this close to being 80s power ballads. But in the library one day, there was Fuel’s 2007 release, Angels & Devils.  Now, usually, if I don’t like the old stuff by a band, it’s veeeerrrry unlikely I’m going to like the new stuff. But what did I have to lose except 45 minutes or less? I picked it up.

What a shock! The stuff picked for radio is the worst stuff they do.

What a shock! The stuff picked for radio is the worst stuff they do.

I learned again what I’ve encountered so many times but can’t seem to remember: the stuff you hear on the radio is often not a band’s best material. Angels and Devils had a couple uninspired tracks on it, but at the same time, it had some fantastic rockers that I love to hear come up on my iPod.  Check these out.

  • Hangin Around – That’s some mighty fine percussion work there, Lou. It drives the shadowy vocal performance and gritty guitar work. As I said in the title of this post, it has a very post-Grunge sound, but they really work it well.
  • Gone – So this is interesting. I was admiring the lyrics to this song and was looking on YouTube for a link to it and here someone has posted the song with the lyrics for you to read. Thanks, deadguy122! This is my favorite Fuel tune.
It's all about the deep cuts.

It's all about the deep cuts.

Inspired by how much I liked these two tracks, I went and listened to Natural Selection,  Fuel’s 2003 release. Again, some fairly mediocre songs – and these 3 great tracks, which I immediately purchased.

  • Getting Thru? – The guitar on this track will blow your hair back. I like the harmony vocal work too.
  • Luck – This is kind of poppy song, but I really like the bouncing guitar during the verses. It features a good guitar solo, too.
  • Days With You – I enjoy the fresh clean sound of the verses juxtaposed with the crushing power chords in the chorus. One of their two guitarists (either Carl Bell or Brett Scallions) throws in a very melodic, in-the-pocket solo in this one too.

I see that these guys were called Small the Joy until they changed their name in 1994. I agree, Fuel is a much better name. I guess I’ll have to go back and start looking at their very early stuff.



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