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The Friday Mix: Crescendos

A lot of Pop and Rock songs create a groove and sustain it throughout the song. They pretty much end as they began. Nothing wrong with that. Today, though, I’ve put together a mix of songs that start slow or soft and build throughout. Sometimes they become epic rockers. Sometimes they build in speed and intensity. Heck, sometimes they just get louder.

Anyway, I like songs that take you on a journey, so I’m a fan of the formula. I hope you like them.

  1. Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie
    I saw these guys as Bonnaroo last year and they didn’t disappoint. This song is incredibly patient and spends the entire 8 minutes building to the climax.
  2. Then She Did – Jane’s Addiction
    Only live versions on YouTube. This sample is from late in the song once it really gets going with strings and power guitar. Great song.
  3. Billy Breathes – Phish
    I am on record saying this album is Phish’s best studio effort. This song is the most carefully crafted song on this album, so arguably, this is their finest moment in the studio. In my opinion it is anyway. The piano and guitar are augmented by vibes, muted horns, brushed snare, and banjo. It all works toward the whole.
  4. Alone Jealous and Stoned – The Secret Machines
    Great band name. The melancholy groove with which it starts turns triumphant by the end but with a little edge of nostalgia.
  5. Electro Glide in Blue – Apollo 440
    It seems to borrow a bit from Riders on the Storm, but it has a much more techno sound, great lyrics, and intricate keyboard effects. It continues to grow for the entire 8+ minutes.
  6. California – Gomez
    Of all the songs on this mix, I think this one starts the smallest and slowest. It undergoes several transformations and each new section is better than the last. I love Gomez.
  7. Mouth of Ghosts – Dillinger Escape Plan
    This sample is from the beginning of the song, but believe me when I tell you this turns into an eardrum puncturing rocker. In a good way.
  8. Thorn in my Pride – The Black Crowes
    My favorite song off of Southern Harmony. There’s a lot more to these guys than you ever heard on the radio.
  9. My Curse – The Afghan Whigs
    I understand these guys are huge in Canada. Huge. Which is odd, since they’re from Cincinnati. This is the only Whigs song I have found that I like, but I like it a lot.
  10. Yoga Means Union – Ambulance Ltd.
    I have already dedicated an entire post to this album, but if you haven’t picked it up, here is another chance to check it out. After the first minute, this song sounds pretty big, but it continues to grow. The tempo jumps toward the end and they hit everything harder. You will like.
  11. Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory – …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
    Guided by Voices did this song originally. AYWKUBTTOD makes it bigger, more epic. I love the timpani, strings, and harmony vocals.
  12. Sometimes True to Nothing – The Slip
    Wikipedia says The Slip plays Avant-Rock, which makes them sound a lot more outside than they are. I hear elements of Jazz and a little Progressive Rock. This is a beautiful track that breaks into a powerful baritone sax-anchored power chorus.
  13. Light Up My Room – Barenaked Ladies
    This is a lesser-known track off the Ladies’ most popular album, Stunt. If you want to hear 50 shitty covers of this song by people playing in their bedrooms, search for it on YouTube. You may or may not like the Ladies’ shtick, but when they’re not being funny, they can write a great pop song.
  14. Baraga Embankment – BearVsShark
    These guys are very polished musically with intentionally rough vocals. This is a great song off of Terrorhawk (my other favorite being I Fucked Your Dad).  By the end of the track there are great big horns, power chords, and lots of cymbals.
  15. Love Betsy – Big Head Todd & The Monsters
    This just might be the prettiest song they ever wrote, and that’s saying something. It swells in power, but never loses the lovely feel. (Side note: I once heard a radio DJ come in after one of their songs and call them “Big Hard Turd and the Monsters.” <snort>)

Enjoy with a Long Island Iced Tea or something else that sneaks up on you. Have a great weekend.


June 5, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Electronica, Hard Rock, Mix CD, Popular, Rock

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