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Your Friday Mix: More and even better Hip Hop

I went back for some old stuff, I branched out for some international artists, and I tried to get lesser-known cuts from popular artists. As is my practice these days, I link to the whole song on YouTube whenever possible. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Whathca Got Is Whatcha Gettin’ – The Goats
    From their classic release, Tricks of the Shade, way back in 1992. I love the oozy groove they’re rapping over. This track has aged really well, IMHO. The actual song begins 1:22 in.
  2. Dusted – Leftfield
    This track got picked up for the Trainspotting soundtrack. The music is Electronica based, but his rapping flow keeps this one funky.
  3. Believe – Ozomatli
    No recording of the studio version on YouTube. This sample gives you a listen to the Middle Eastern influence they mix with their salsa roots. You don’t get to hear the smooth rap from the middle of this song, sadly. There are about a dozen links to live performances of this song on YouTube and the band sounds great, even if the audio isn’t the best.
  4. Yacht Club – Thes One
    I guess I don’t know enough about sampling to identify it, but this has got to be the same sample that Q-Tip used in Things You Do. I don’t know who wrote it, but I don’t mind them using it again. I also like the appearance of Rodney Dangerfield in this track.
  5. Peepin’ My Style – Timbaland & Magoo
    For some reason the fantastic album this track came from, Welcome to Our World, is currently out of print. Damn. You can still get it used and it’s worth it. Timbaland always had the beats. Scroll down this page and listen to the sample.
  6. Mi Tumbao – Tres Coronas
    I’m afraid I’m not fluent enough in Spanish to know what they’re saying. I can tell you that the guy dropping the rhymes is one smooth MC. Back that with the Latin rhythms and the fat horn arrangements and it doesn’t matter what he’s saying to me.
  7. Come Una Pietra Scalciata (Like a Rolling Stone) – Articolo 31
    Again, what he’s saying during the verses is beyond me, but I think it’s a good use of the Dylan classic. He speaks so fast it sounds like he wanted 45 more seconds of song so he could finish his point.
  8. Sunshine – Lupe Fiasco
    Here’s something for you to check out. This is Lupe Fiasco doing this tune live. Full band, no tricks. They can sound this great live because they have at least 9 guys on the stage. They kicked my ass at Bonnaroo. This track is from Food & Liquor.  Lupe is the real deal. Go buy his music right now.
  9. Rock n Roll – Mos Def
    The only video I could find of this on YouTube is this chick dancing with her hula hoop. She cuts off the 60-second thrash metal ending of this song. “Elvis Presley ain’t got no soul. Bo Diddley is Rock n Roll.”
  10. Go – Common featuring Kanye West
    Love that Chicago sound. He even got a good performance out of Kanye on this one. (Sorry. Not a fan.) I had never watched this video before either. It’s cool.
  11. People in the Middle – Spearhead
    I have gone back and forth with Michael Franti throughout his career. Home was one of the first Hip Hop albums I really got into. (I know, 1994. I was late to the game.) I was pumped to see him live and was a little disappointed by the overall poppiness of the sound. His new album has some great stuff, though. Either way, this can’t miss.
  12. Jijy – Arona N Diaye
    I can’t even tell you what language this is. Maybe Arabic. What a crazy beat, though. Great horn arrangements, too.
  13. Junkies – Count Bass D
    This is another Electronica influenced rhythm. Highly produced, even by Hip Hop standards. I like it when an artist can do this and still make it really funky.
  14. I Was Stabbed by Satan – K’Naan
    God help me. I tried to not like this song. And failed. A fat acoustic hook, hand claps, and funny lyrics. What can you do?
  15. I Wish – Skee Lo
    This rap cracks me up and the groove is great too. Listen to the bass player lay it down.
  16. Electric Relaxation (Properly Related Mix) – A Tribe Called Quest
    I’m not introducing anyone to A Tribe Called Quest, but this remix adds more bounce and a little saxophone. It is better than the original.

Enjoy with a tightly gripped Dortmunder.  Go Cavs!


May 29, 2009 - Posted by | Hip Hop, Mix CD

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