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Edgy but accessible Rock from PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey has gotten a lot of press over the years: 5 Grammy nominations, 7 BRIT award nominations, actually winning the Mercury Music prize in 2001. Rolling Stone loves PJ Harvey. I have a friend who calls her his favorite female artist. For all of that, PJ Harvey can be hit or miss with me. I don’t hear much of her stuff on the radio and what I have picked up and listened to has been… well, spotty. There are a few entire albums that don’t have one song I’m crazy about. Eh, it happens. Even Van Morrison has done that and he is perhaps my favorite musician ever.

Excuse me, miss. You're standing in traffic.

Excuse me, miss. You're standing in traffic.

Having started with the disclaimer, I want to recommend my favorite PJ Harvey album, her 2000 release Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea. This is a strong release with only 1 track I can do without. From my experience, fans of Harvey are passionate about her and I imagine some hard-core fans now saying, “What?! Is This Desire? is waaaay better!” Fair enough. Leave your comments. I’ll be happy to check out anything I’ve missed or listen again to something I should maybe like more. Today, however, it’s my blog and I’m recommending the one I like.

I ripped 5 tracks to live on my iPod and you should check them out.

  • Good Fortune – This is my favorite song on the disc. It seems like the bouncing vocals and poppy guitar should get annoying after a while, but they don’t. I love them. Good lyrics, as usual from Miss Harvey. I wish her blouse was cut a little lower in this video.
  • A Place Called Home – Low quality video and audio on this clip, but at least you can hear the whole thing. She gives a great vocal performance on this song.
  • The Whores Hustle and the Hutlers Whore – The guitars are enormous, the vocals are edgy, and the lyrics are bad-ass.
  • This Mess We’re In – The unmistakable Thom Yorke of Radiohead joins Polly Jean on this song. In fact, this song sounds more like a Radiohead tune than a PJ Harvey tune to me. The accompanying video is excerpts from Mulholland Drive, though I’m not sure why.
  • You Said Something – Both live and acoustic versions of this song are on YouTube, but the album version appears to be missing. This is my second favorite song on this disc. The lyrics are evocative and I love the instrumentation they’ve chosen.

If you haven’t spent a lot of time listening to PJ Harvey, you should start. Let this disc be your jumping off point. She is sexy and fascinating, unashamed of her dark side, and a talented songwriter and performer.



May 26, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Popular, Rock

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