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Soothing Electronica from side project Brookville

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I was nearly done writing it when I had a system crash. Lost it all. Jesus saves. Apparently, I should too.

We’re going to bring it down a notch today with some very relaxing Chillout music. The lead creative brain behind Brookville is Andy Chase. You may be familiar with his main group, Ivy. That band formed in 1994, has put out 5 releases, and has had songs picked for a bunch of successful movie soundtracks (Shanghai Kiss, Insomnia, Shallow Hal, There’s Something About Mary, and more).

Ivy’s sound is very sophisticated, highly produced electronic pop. As with many side projects, Brookville gives Andy Chase a chance to make no creative compromises with other band members. That said, the other Ivy members contributed to this release and Chase is in a romantic relationship with Ivy singer Dominique Durand, so it seems unlikely the band is going away.

Nothing wonderful about the wallpaper.

Nothing wonderful about the wallpaper.

Brookville released Wonderfully Nothing in 2003. If anything, this disc is even more reliant on electronic effects, synthesizers, and heavy production. Sometimes, that can be a bad thing. Not here. Paris-based sound editor Cyril Moisson lays it on thick but has a deft touch. I couldn’t quite place what was familiar about the music until I read that Moisson is a fan of modern composer Erik Satie. You can hear the influence.

I’ve got 5 tracks from this release on my iPod. Generally on this album, I like the instrumental pieces. The singing is good, but the songs that were designed to stand without vocals have a fuller sound.

  • Fleet – An incredibly relaxing track. They kick the disc off with this one, and it gives you a pretty good sense of what they’re doing on the rest of it. A steady two-note piano part, quietly strummed acoustic guitar, and gently plodding drums back layers of atmospheric keyboards.
  • Sample from Heaven – I was unable to determine what sample was used in this song, unless it is the trumpet. The dreamy synth is still there, but this time they’ve added a little more active piano, a roving bass line, and some breathy vocals.
  • Shine – Electronic piano and flutes give this a slightly different feel from my previous picks, but it’s still a low-energy groove. Very nice.
  • Justine – I love the vocal work in this. It’s interestingly done and adds some flavor to the slow beat. This might be my favorite on the disc.
  • Home – This patient, almost sleepy tune features some cool horn arrangements. I like the gently ringing percussion in this.



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