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A relaxing mix for the end of the night

I’m in a mellow mood this rainy spring Friday and here’s a mix of stuff to match it. Nothing too sleepy. I’m not tired or depressed. Just chillin’.

  1. Mandy – Citizen Cope
    I love this song and the intro makes it a perfect way to kick off a relaxing hour.
  2. How I Know – The RH Factor
    A jazzy little R&B love song with sweet horns.
  3. Lost in the Snow – Bruce Hornsby
    Continuing with the jazzy feel. I ‘ve recommended this song before on my Kid Music Mix. Cool story touchingly told.

    Dude, relax! Quit harshing my mellow.

    Dude, relax! Quit harshing my mellow.

  4. 30 Days – Jimmie’s Chicken Shack
    Like this song? I’ve never heard another one like it from these guys. I like a lot of their music, but they usually have kind of a Smash Mouth meets Weezer sound.
  5. Ramblin’ (Wo)Man – Cat Power
    Bringing it way down with this soulful ballad. Saw them at Bonnaroo. They were great but I wish they had done this one.
  6. Punchbag – A Band of Bees
    Another one I’ve recommended before.  I love the dreamy keyboards, lazy percussion, and harmony vocals.
  7. Sunday Noises – Califone
    Presumably, this is the song from which the band takes its name. Laid back, acoustic, and yet powerful at the same time.
  8. Stone Me – G. Love
    G. Love could make the theme song from Gilligan’s Island sound funky.
  9. Flag – Joe Henry
    I’m a sucker for horns and even the featured clarinet is never shrill. I love Joe Henry’s lyrics, too.
  10. The Same in Any Language – Ruckus
    I always think this is My Morning Jacket when it comes on. Maybe because it reminds me of Golden.
  11. Mockingbirds – Grant Lee Buffalo
    This song takes me back to when I lived in Colorado. Denver has a great radio scene and I would hear this in my car from time to time.
  12. Radon Balloon – Oysterhead
    Oysterhead was Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool, and Stewart Copeland. I forgot what a great drummer Copeland is, but watching him work his second drum kit for this song was nothing short of amazing.
  13. That’s How I Know – D’Nell
    To be honest, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard another song by D’Nell. I can’t remember how I got this track. Great electronic R&B sound, though.
  14. I Hear the Bells – Mike Doughty
    I think this is a good closer. After his time with Soul Coughing, Doughty has more of a singer/songwriter thing going on than the “deep slacker jazz” he had with the band.

Enjoy with red wine and maybe a good conversation. Have a great weekend.


May 8, 2009 - Posted by | Mix CD, Popular, R&B

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