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Catchy and powerful Indie Rock from Duvalby Brothers

Today I’m going for the truly obscure. I really want you to check this one out because these guys are very talented and you may never hear them on your radio. Wikipedia has no article on them. The listing for them on unsigned.com has a section labeled “About Band.” It says simply, “Good luck.”

They’re not really that enigmatic. They just haven’t signed with Epic or Virgin. The two brothers who are the creative force behind the band are Buzz and Beetle. Their last name is Boron, not Duvalby. (Yes, Buzz and Beetle Boron. Buzz and Beetle are nicknames but Boron is real.) By day, they run a successful manufacturing company on the west side of Cleveland. By night they make passionate and inventive Rock music that does more creating than borrowing. That which they do borrow they put to new and unintended uses.

The brothers at their day job. OK, not really...

The brothers at their day job. OK, not really...

Their first album was released in 1996 by Cambodia Records. This was the label of Craw guitarist Rockie Brockway, who has since joined the band. Life led the members in different directions geographically, but a few years ago, they all found themselves back in Cleveland and re-formed to write and record Cursed and Blessed.

I love this album in large part because it doesn’t sound like anything else in my collection. Certain songs remind me of other bands, but taken as a whole, this album is quirky and unusual, while still being powerful, intimate, and catchy. Six tracks from this disc made the cut and are on my iPod. Give them a listen.

  • Starkweather Way – I get a Pink Floyd vibe from this song, but Sid Barret Floyd, back when they were more experimental. Like a lot of Floyd, it is heavy but beautiful.
  • Locksmith – What a great groove. A catchy guitar riff gives way to passionate and personal vocals. By the end of this 2-minute track, it is a full-on rocker.
  • Spirit of Remorse (Las Vegas) – I love the creative vocal lines they choose to sing with the songs. In this track, the vocals work in counterpoint to the guitar. The effect is intriguing. Although short, this one builds quickly to a great power finish.
  • Message and the Sender – It’s one of the most “normal” tracks on the disc, but it is still edgy. I hear echoes of Husker Du in this track, though to be honest, I like it better than I like Husker Du. The song changes midway through from a vamping rocker to patient and thoughtful.
  • Narrow Is the Way – One of the things I admire about these guys is their willingness to make their musical statement in a minute or two and then move on. This is my favorite song on the disc and I wish it was more than 1:24 long, but then it might lose something if they dragged it out.
  • What We Thought – This is a beautiful ballad for about a minute and a half. Then they attack with power chords and it moves from ballad to anthem.

There are many reasons why bands both successful and obscure are pulled apart. My understanding is that as things stand, these guys don’t plan on doing more work together, but perhaps if we all go out and buy their music it will force them to make more.

You can hear entire streamed tracks on their MySpace page.


May 4, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Indie, Rock

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