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A mix of hard Rock and Pop for your weekend

My girl is coming back to town after a brutal series of back-to-back road trips so I’m feeling pretty up today. I have compiled a mix of hard rock and pop that should bring up the energy in a room.

  1. Down – Moke
    These guys had a good sound, put out 3 albums, but never quite made it and broke up in 2002. This one rocks.
  2. Stone Cold Crazy Remix – Queen / Nine Inch Nails
    Trent Reznor’s absolutely slamming remix of an already hard rocker by Queen might be hard to find. It was put out on a compilation by Hollywood Records that I can’t locate to give you a link to purchase it. Worth a bit of effort, in my opinion. This links to the entire song on YouTube. I hope you like it and can find it.
  3. Horsehead – Black Crows
    “By Your Side” didn’t sell as many copies as some of their earlier stuff, but they still know what they’re about. The chorus in this song is enormous.
  4. Sniffin’ Glue – The Exploding Hearts
    OK, so it’s almost a novelty song. It makes me laugh and it kind of rocks, too. I could only find the MP3 single on iTunes.
  5. The Pretty Things are Going to Hell – David Bowie
    I am in awe of Bowie’s unflagging ability to put out stuff this hard and interesting.
  6. Geek U.S.A. – Between the Buried and Me
    These guys have spent some time listening to Smashing Pumpkins but it’s a good rocker and the guitarist really attacks the song.
  7. Love Empire – The Big Collapse
    This is a poppy Metal/Punk blend that I really like.
  8. All Hands – Blues Traveler
    This was from their 2001 release “Bridge”, now with 40% less John Popper. Gotta say, thin Popper rocks as hard as fat Popper did. I saw them do this live at Moe Down and it was amazing.
  9. Milk & Honey – Beck
    I have never heard this song from Midnite Vultures anywhere but my iPod and I love it.
  10. Neat Neat Neat – The Damned
    Another poppy Punk song. Sometimes when a song is rough, it turns me off. Not this time.
  11. Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer – Morphine
    I’ve talked about these guys before when I blogged on Twinemen. This was my favorite song off of their last album, “The Night.” So funky.
  12. My Time – Earshot
    Post-Grunge metal. I agree with the comparisons I’ve heard to Tool, but that’s not a bad thing.
  13. 8:02 – For Squirrels
    This could almost be a collaboration between early Michael Stipe and late Meat Puppets, but a little harder than both. I don’t know. Maybe I’m reaching.
  14. Green to Me – Hum
    I like the growling guitars paired with the pure voice. Good lyrics too.
  15. Who Did You Think I Was – John Mayer Trio
    Sometimes John Mayer bugs me, but on this bluesy live set, Mayer plays the lacquer off his guitar and sounds a bit like Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Enjoy and have a good weekend.


May 1, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Hard Rock, Metal, Popular, Rock

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