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Promising but extinct British Pop/Rock from The Warm Jets

The Warm Jets formed in 1995, released one well-received album, toured with acts like Blur and Teenage Fan Club, and broke up in 1998. So don’t get attached to their music. This is a pity, because their one release, Future Signs, is very good.

They broke up? Life sucks. Get a helmet.

They broke up? Life sucks. Get a helmet.

They were a straight-ahead four piece rock outfit. I can see why they were paired with Blur, because the feel is somewhat similar. Blur’s songs are more complicated and varied, but if The Warm Jets had had time to mature, I think they might have evolved in a similar direction. I haven’t been able to discover why the band broke up. The articles I’ve found are vague on the topic, although the tone suggests the authors know but just aren’t telling us. None of the band members seem to have gone on to other projects either. At least nothing that made it big.

This is all the more mysterious because of the quality of the songs. I pulled off 5 for my iPod:

  • Move Away – This is built around a guitar hook that repeats throughout the song, but the vocal line Louis Jones chose for this fits nicely.
  • Never Never – Another solid guitar hook with cool lyrics and good harmonies.
  • Hurricane – This is probably my favorite track by the band, perhaps because of the joyful chorus and poppy guitar break that follows it. Listen to the whole thing on You Tube.
  • Vapour Trails – Bands that can put a song like this on a debut release show a lot of promise. The sound is different from the rest of the album. Mellow but interesting. I love how comfortably they weave the vocals with the guitar.
  • Meteorites – This song sounds like early Pink Floyd to me, except for the keyboards. The vibe is kind of plodding, but I like it. Again, you can hear the whole thing on You Tube.

The band seems to have no website, no MySpace page, no musical children. Just this message in a bottle. It happens, I suppose. Even if the band were to get back together today, it wouldn’t be like it was then. Well, we can still enjoy this album and it can be gotten dirt cheap at Amazon.


March 30, 2009 - Posted by | Popular, Rock

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