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Subersive Pop from The Webb Brothers

Some of the stuff I recommend isn’t really that obscure. One of the benefits of having a blog with such a wide reach is I can reasonably expect that not all my readers have heard of a lot of the stuff I’m pushing. Just because you’re wired into the Jam Band scene (and probably know more about it than I do) doesn’t mean you know anything at all about Hip Hop. My goal on days when I post relatively mainstream stuff is to introduce it to people who don’t normally listen to that style of music.

This one is a real diamond in the rough.

This one is a real diamond in the rough.

On the other hand, I do wind up listening to music that is hard to find and never made it big. Today, I want you to check out one such band, The Webb Brothers. These guys are great song writers and I hope they can keep it together long enough to break through the noise and build a following.


Their sound is heavily rooted in Pop, but their lyrics are subversive and — at least on this album — the places they take the music is not always where you thought they were going when each song started. It appears you can’t buy MP3s of the disc, but there are used copies available from Amazon. Listen to the samples, though, and you may want to track down a copy.

  • The Liar’s Club – They’re getting older and they like to pretend they’re not.
  • I Can’t Believe You’re Gone – This is probably the most straight-ahead pop song on the album.
  • All The Cocaine In The World – “All the cocaine in the world can’t bring back the girl.” I love this song, especially for the use sleigh bells at the end. You can see the snow falling.
  • Low Grade Fever – These guys occasionally pull in some strange sounds for a song and the keyboard at the beginning of this song sounds cool.
  • Marooned – This starts very slow and quiet, but turns into a gut wrenching song of loneliness.
  • Intermission – Just 76 seconds long, but I love this little Bossa Nova (I think) track.
  • Fluorescent Lights – It’s late. They’re hammered and looking to meet before closing time. But you’ve probably never been there…

I’ve only heard one other album by these guys. It was Beyond the Biosphere and sadly I would have to say it isn‘t as strong as Maroon. I’ve heard a single from their new release, too. It sound very mainstream, but I know better than to judge an album by it’s single.

Their web page appears to be defunct, but they are on MySpace.


March 26, 2009 - Posted by | Alternative, Popular, Rock

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