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Lush and layered Indie Pop from The Annuals

I think you will like The Annuals’ 2006 release, Be He Me. These guys are extremely talented songwriters who produce heartbreakingly beautiful ballads, folky singalongs, and danceable pop tunes with equal facility. They’re a six-piece, so the music is never thin. Each of the musicians adds little touches that round out the sound and create real musical synergy.

Ah, the old prominently featured mushroom on the cover.

Ah, the old prominently featured mushroom on the cover.

I put 4 songs from this release on my iPod, and they are:

  • Complete, or Completing – This is a beautifully sung, joyful tune that makes me feel happier. By the time it really gets going (3 ½ minutes into its nearly 6 minutes) it is an absolutely irresistible groove.
  • Carry Around – This is a dreamy and strange tune with moments of directed chaos that sounds like it would be a lot of fun to see live.
  • Chase You Off – This tune changes several times. I like it and I’m not sure if it is because or in spite of the incomprehensible lyrics.
  • The Bull, and the Goat – I mentioned danceable pop tunes. I love bands with lots of musicians because they can produce a lush, full sound like this.

It’s funny. I was reading the Wikipedia entry on The Annuals and apparently they have appeared in “Spin.com, AOLMusicIndie.com, Stereogum, I Guess I’m Floating, the Underrated, Brooklyn Vegan, and EarFarm (among others) – earning them a newfound reputation for being a ‘blog band.’” What can I say? If you haven’t heard them on the radio, where else are you going to hear them?

Check out their website, where you can buy their new album, Such Fun.


March 24, 2009 - Posted by | Indie, Popular

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